The Public Event, “Ether Ritual Harvest” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Ether Ritual Harvest is a Public Event Ether Ritual Harvest in Destiny 2: Forsaken.



  • To complete this public event, you will need to defeat the 3 Dredge Chieftains that are guarding 3 chained down servitors around a central Servitor.
  • The Guardians need to go around the area and defeat the Dredge Chieftains that are guarding the servitors.
  • Be sure to put some effort toward eliminating the Raiders and other Scorn that appear to keep the adds under some degree of control.
  • If the Ether Motes from the servitors reach the central Servitor, then a Deranged Abomination will appear for the Guardians to fight.

Heroic Trigger[edit]

  • Triggering the Heroic version of this Public event takes a lot of firepower and a degree of Coordination.
  • Auto Rifles capable of sustained fire and Damage over Time grenades are recommended for triggering this event.
  • When one of the Dredge Chieftains is defeated, Ether will be released from the Servitor they are guarding.
  • The Guardians in the Event need to destroy these Ether Motes before they reach the central Servitor.
  • All the motes need to be destroyed before they reach the central Servitor.

Heroic Version - The Baron Returns[edit]

  • One of the Scorn Barons, Reanimated Machinist will appear to defend this servitor that has been denied the ether.
  • A Corrupted Chieftain with a large number of Scorn will appear nearby the Servitor circle.
  • Defeat the Large Baron to complete the Public Event.

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