The Europa Sabotage, “Europan Explore 2” in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Europan Explore 2 is a Europa Sabotage in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.


In empire hunts, defeat powerful comabtants'

Athys was Eramis's mate. Their bond was strong. SHe valued Eramis's strength and stubbornness. Eramis admired her gentle nature." - Variks the Loyal.




  • Get into the Boss encounter of the Empire Hunt.

Throughout this section there will be numerous Yellow Bar (Major) enemies that you can defeat.

  • In many of the starting areas of the hunt, you can participate in a Public Event.
  • Triggering the Heroic Version of most Public Events will bring an influx of Challenging enemies, but they are also more common throughout the Public Event.
  • Try to find a Vex Spire Public Event in Asterion Abyss for a very easy time of this simply by standing on the plates.


Europa Sabotage[edit]