The Europa Sabotage, “Europan Rewards 2” in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Europan Rewards 2 is a Europa Sabotage in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.


In the weekly Europa Eclipsed Zone, complete patrols, lost sectors, and Heroic Public Events.

"Variks hears stories. Something old, very old, lurks below the ice." - Variks the Loyal



  • Patrols: 5
  • Heroic Public Events: 1
  • Lost Sectors: 1


  • Public Events are common enough, it just known how to trigger the heroic.
  • Most of the time, players will aim for the heroic version to get better rewards.
  • The patrols can be started in different regions in Europa, but they need to be completed within the Eclipsed Zone for it to count toward this Sabotage quest.
  • Most of the areas have a lost sector.
  • Just find the nearest one and head inside it, running through it in its entirety:


Europa Sabotage[edit]

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