The Objective, “Explore the Cosmodrome(!)” in Destiny 2.

Explore the Cosmodrome(!) is an Objective in the Quest Lost Cryptarch in Destiny 2.


Search the area for clues, but watch out for Fallen patrols. Old Russia is off-limits for a reason.


  • You will appear in the Cosmodrome, for the first time in years.
  • You will find it overrun with Fallen.
  • You will encounter mostly Dregs, but there are a number of Vandals and a few Marauders.
  • You will also encounter some Shanks.
  • Make your way toward the entrance into the Wall itself.
  • You will find more Fallen.
  • As you approach the entrance, you will encounter an Irradiated Shank.
  • Defeating this Shank, the energy wall blocking you will drop, allowing you to enter the Wall itself.