The Objective, “Expose Power Cores” in Destiny 2.

Expose Power Cores is an Objective in the Adventure Reversing The Polarity in Destiny 2.


Withstand a Red legion counterattack while Ghost brute-forces a maintenance window.

Remove a power core from an exposed maintenance access panel, and force it into one of the artillery cannon's receptacles.


  • Go to the center of Firebase Hades.
  • Stand in the circular platform in the middle.
  • You will see a notice about Guardians attacking the cannon above your Super meter.
  • From the bunkers around the central portion, you will see Legionaries and Incendors coming out from them.
  • There are also Psions that will appear on the upper portions of the bunker.

  • Once the first part is complete, the power cores will be exposed.
  • The Power Core will last for 30 seconds.
  • Turn around and head across the circular central platform.
  • You will see a panel has risen on the far side.
  • Go to the flat portion on the far side of the raised panel.
  • Head to the circular portion of this panel
  • Interact with it to sabotage this panel.
  • This process will need to be repeated twice more.
  • Return to the central part of the Firebase.
  • There are Phalanx, Legionaries, War Beasts and a Colossus.
  • Fight through the Cabal surrounding the area while forcing the second maintenance cycle.
  • The same hatches will raise up, allowing you to collect another another Arc Charge.
  • Bring it over to the newly raised and marked panel.
  • Go to the circular opening and deposit the arc charge into it.

  • Once again head to the center of the area
  • Trigger the third and final maintenance cycle, fending off the Cabal that are coming out from the bunkers.
  • Fight on through the nearby Cabal.
  • Once the final Power Core is revealed, go and collect it.
  • Bring it over to the revealed panel in the same manner as before.


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