Eye in the Dark in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

“Eye in the Dark” is part of the Hive.


The Eye in the Dark is a unique Shrieker that has been taken from the Prison of Elders.

  • It will only open and attack something with the Scent of the Worm on it.
  • The Eye has a unique Cursed Thrall aiding it: The Wormcursed.
  • Being within a particular range or running through where the Wormcursed just was after it explodes or dies will grant Scent of the Worm.
  • It will open briefly after its assault, just before teleporting to a different location within its room.


  • Entering into the room with the Eye in the Dark, a pair of the Wormcursed will appear and attack the Guardian along with a few Thrall.
  • Killing these off (without getting the Scent of the Worm), Acolytes will appear in one of the lower areas and start attacking the Guardian.
  • Getting close to the Wormcursed can sometimes trigger the Scent of the Worm, but it can only assuredly be gained by killing the Wormcursed and running through the musk.
  • After the first time you damage the Eye, likely a Dread Unhallowed Vanquisher
  • Defeating the Dread Hive will have the Eye open briefly to teleport, giving you a quick chance to inflict some damage on it.
  • Fight through the Thralls and Acolytes that have likely come into the room, coming after you.
  • Once again, wait for the Wormcursed to appear and come after you, either getting them to explode or kill them and rush through the short-lived musk.
  • After the second damage phase, you will encounter a pair of Dread Unhallowed Wizards.
  • Kill the Wizards and then fight through the Acolytes and Thrall.
  • Getting through the third damage phase will bring in a Dread Unhallowed Ogre.
  • Fight through the remaining Hive, watching for the Wormcursed.
  • Take your time to attack the Eye with careful shots to the its critical points.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Wanted: The Eye in the Dark Video Walkthrough