The Objective, “Face Dul Icaru” in Destiny 2.

Face Dul Icaru is an Objective in the Dungeons The Shattered Throne in Destiny 2: Forsaken.




  • At the top of the Shattered throne, you will encounter Dul Incaru, a hub of the Dream City's curse, channeling all the death and suffering.
  • She is protected by 3 Ba-Kuur, Fatesmith of Incaru.
  • To damage her, you will need to defeat all 3 Fatesmiths.
  • Engaging them will bring out 2 large groups of Taken Psions, 1 from each side of the area.
  • Damage the Fatesmiths, but before killing them, clear out the Taken Psions.
  • After killing them, turn your attention to the
  • Ba-Kuur, the Fatesmiths of Incaru
  • Killing each of them will drop an Orb, like during the Vorgeth, the Boundless Hunger fight.
  • Collecting each will give you Finite Thought.
  • This lasts for 45 seconds but does not replenish.
  • The buff will kill you when it runs out.
  • During that time though, you can hurt Dul Incaru
  • With a few seconds left, if needed, head to the podium in the middle of the area.
  • Jump up onto it and get cleansed of Finite Thought before it kills.