The Quest Step, Fifth Bypass in Destiny 2: Black Armory.

Fifth Bypass is a quest step in Destiny 2: Black Armory.

Part of the Niobe Labs Quest.


  • If any Shield Drones are active on any enemies (excluding mines) then all enemies are immune to damage!
  • Major (Non-Boss Yellow Bar) Enemies will spawn in additional enemies of their type.
  • Servitors create walls that block parts of the room.



  • The fireteam will now face Xronos, Kell's Scourge, Pthasos, Kell's Scourge, and a Major Dreg and Marauder.
  • Eliminate the Bosses, the Heavy Shanks first before focusing on the Dreg and Marauder.
  • Keep in the adds in mind and have everyone put a little effort into that crowd control.
  • There is a mine that needs to be defused that will appear.
  • The big difference though is the Mine is protected by Shield Drones.
  • Destroy the drones and then defuse the mine.
  • Be on guard for the Marauder, Kell's Scourge.

Code Input[edit]

  • This input requires the Hammerhead, the Spiteful Fang, and Tatara Gaze.
  • The Symbols that need to be hit, in order, are: A (Machine Gun), T (Machine Gun), Bamboo (Sniper), Paper (Bow), Water (Bow), Trees (Bow), Gate (Sniper), Rabbit (Sniper), L (Machine Gun), R (Machine Gun), Gate (Sniper), Lotus (Sniper), S (Machine Gun), D (Machine Gun), Lotus (Sniper), Rose (Bow), Heart (Bow).

Quest Steps[edit]