The Objective, “Figure out what's wrong with the converters” in Destiny 2.

Figure out what's wrong with the converters is an Objective in the Story Riptide in Destiny 2.


Make your way to the converters to perform a manual repair.


  • Jump over the console and turn to the right, go through the open circular doorway.
  • Once through, be mindful of the Stasis Mine which detonates as you cross the threshold.
  • Follow the hallway to the right and drop down over the ledge.
  • There are more Stasis Mines scattered on the walkway.
  • On the far side, head through automatic doorway, fight the Dreg and then the Wretch on the other side of the door.
  • Turn to the right, going down the stairs, going right then left.
  • You will find a squad of Fallen on the other side of the wall you are passing.
  • Turn to the left, heading toward the room with all the tripmines in it.
  • Detonate one of the mines to clear out the room.
  • Head on through it.
  • Go over to the left and drop down into the opening in the floor.
  • This will bring you back to the Tidal Anchor.
  • Look toward the far side, you will see a Tracer Shank and number of Shanks and Dregscoming at you.
  • Fight through them and then go through the open door on the left or across the middle.
  • Go across the next walkway, fighting the Vandals, Dregs and Tracer Shanks.
  • Continue along the pathway to the connecting bridge between towers.
  • There are a number of Dregs and some Shanks on the far end.
  • Fight across to confront the Captain and then press forward.
  • As you near the tower, Acolytes, Cursed Thrall, and a Knight will come in from the far side.
  • Fight on through them and cross onto the next connecting bridge, carefully.
  • There are a number of hidden Cursed Thrall hidden behind the supports.
  • Wait for them to emerge and shoot them, fighting your way carefully across the bridge.
  • On the far side you will need to fight fight through a number more Acolytes, Thralls, Cursed Thralls , and a Knight.
  • Go around the next building to the right.
  • Look to the right and head along the remains of the connecting bridge.
  • Head along them and jump over to the pillar across from you.


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