The Objective, “Find Enkaar, the weapon master” in Destiny 2.

Find Enkaar, the weapon master is an Objective in the Quest The Conversation in Destiny 2.


Fight your way through the Hive nest and hunt down the Hive weapon master.


    • All defeated enemies have a chance to drop a Well of Light that will restore health.
  • You will arrive in Hellrise Canyon to find out your Light is being suppressed by the Darkness that has taken over this area.
  • Just in front of you is a Thrall to start things off.
  • Going around the first corner will lead you into a group of Acolytes you will need to deal with.
  • More Acolytes can be found to the left and right, on the raised portions.
  • Dropping down to the floor, you will see a Knight ahead of you that you could fight.
  • Head past the crashed ship's tail, where the Knight was and run toward the wall beyond it.
  • You will see an Orange growth in the stone, a place to put a hive worm.
  • This will trigger the next objective.