The Objective, “Find an access point to view the map” in Destiny 2.
The Objective, “Find an access point to view the map” in Destiny 2.

Find an access point to view the map is an Objective in the Story Deep Storage in Destiny 2.


Traverse the warp gate network.

Overcome the Vex.


  • Go down the ramp to fight the Hobgoblins, Harpies, and Goblins.
  • Follow the path forward and then over to the left.
  • Here, you will find Minotaurs and a Quantum Hydra.
  • Defeat them and then head on through the gate in front of you.
  • Head down the hallway and over to the right, going through the opening next to the blocked passage on the left.
  • Go to the rotating lasers and then make your way forward carefully.
  • Beyond that leads to another Vex Gate with a few Harpies guarding it.
  • Just in front of the gate you will find 2 Quantum Goblins.
  • Defeat them and head on through the gate.
  • Head down the slope on the far side of the gate.
  • You will find a Cyclops, Network Protector.
  • Engage the Cyclops, using the cover nearby the ramp and around the central area it is found.
  • After you have done some damage or enough time has passed, you will need to deal more Vex that are teleporting in.
  • These will be mostly Goblins with some Hobgoblins staying close to the Network Protector.
  • Be careful because it will not take long for a Quantum Minotaur when the Network Protector is in the critical health range.
  • When you have either cleared the Vex in the area or are ready to proceed, step onto the Vex barrier.
  • After just a second or two, the barrier will fade and drop you into the area below.


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