The Objective, “Find another cache” in Destiny 2.

Find another cache is an Objective in the Adventure Differential Diagnosis in Destiny 2.


Leave Maevic Square and search for another cache of enhanced Ether.


  • With the first round of Ether caches found, it is time to find a second to that might have ether.
  • Leaving the cave you arrived in will have you fighting more Vandals and Marauder.
  • This section of fighting can lead you into an encounter with an Unstable Captain and Unstable Vandal.
  • Killing the captain will have him drop some Scavenged Explosives.
  • Go around the corner to the right.
  • You will encounter more Dregs and Vandals that are in your way.
  • As you head down the slope, you will encounter Tracer Shanks that will be attempting to snipe you and distract you from the Vandals trying to rush you.
  • Just ahead is the barrier you need to clear away.
  • Go over to it and plant the explosives.
  • Back away and destroy the explosives using a distant shot.
  • Make your way to the main plaza of Maevic Square.
  • From there, make your way back to Trostland.
  • Once in Trostland, make your way to the Lost Sector: Widow's Walk.
  • This is found the opposite side of the church from Maevic Square.
  • Fight your way on through, to Widow's Walk.
  • Head on inside and over to the center portion of it.


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