The Objective, “Find another way up to the Hawthorne” in Destiny 2.

Find another way up to the Hawthorne is an Objective in the Story Combustion in Destiny 2.


Enter the mines to find another elevator that can take you up to Hawthorne.

Look around for any weapons that might make your search easier.

Discover the cause of the power outage.


  • Go the large gate and go over to the left-hand side.
  • Interact with the control panel there to raise the gate.
  • Go forward and through the open door in the back left.
  • In this room you will see a group of Fallen come rushing in from the back of the door.
  • You will see Dregs, Vandals,and a Captain.
  • Be sure to use the Explosive barrels in the area to do area damage to any clumps of Fallen nearby them.
  • Head to the back to deal with the Captain and draw out a few Wretches.
  • Go through to the back right-hand door in the back.
  • Drop down into the tunnel's passage below the walkway you are on.
  • Head down the passage and continue deeper into the mines.
  • When the passage narrows into a small opening, crouch and head forward through the opening.
  • Just through the opening you will find a skeleton next to a Sniper Rifle.
  • Go up the slope and then drop down into the pit.
  • Below you are Shanks that will fire on you from lower in the pit.
  • Be careful of the Vandals and Dregs below who will attempt to snipe the Guardian.
  • Clear out the Fallen below then make your way down into the pit.
  • As you head down, clear each level of Shanks and Dregs.
  • Toward the bottom, you will see more Vandals.
  • Clear them out and approach the tunnel in the back.
  • Inside this, you will see Tripmine Grenades set up.
  • Carefully approach them and detonate them with a shot from any of your weapons.
  • Going forward through the room into the next corridor will head you to a hallway with a massive number of tripmines.
  • Once again, carefully shoot a tripmine in each of the sets to open up a path.
  • Jump over the ones you can and clear out tripmines as needed to press forward, up the slope.
  • At the top, go through the open doorway on the right-hand side.
  • Follow this passage across another room into a massive cavern.
  • Head across the cavern and approach the elevator on the far side.
  • Interact with the control panel on the right-hand side of the elevator shaft.

  • This will trigger an assault from the fallen who will attempt to swarm you.
  • The charge is led by a Servitor who is supported by a number of Dregs and Vandals.
  • Quickly take out the Servitor to prevent it from protecting any other Fallen.
  • After that, focus your efforts on the Dregs and Vandals that are charging your location in the Salt Mines.
  • Move around to deal with the massive number of Fallen. There is a lot of cover that can help you get the through the pending waves of combat.
  • In the second wave, you will encounter Resilient Dregs and a Servitor dropping from the front left shaft opening.
  • The third wave comes from the middle right shaft. Once again, another Servitor helps lead the charge.
  • This is followed by a number of Shanks dropping from the middle right-hand side.
  • If you are having trouble, go over to the sides and take a perch on the level portions. These provide a nice amount of cover.
  • Finally, you will face off against Kiriks-16.

  • Clear out the remaining Shanks and then head for the now arrived elevator.
  • Step into the car and turn around.
  • The gate will come down and more Fallen will enter with more Shanks, Dregs, and the Servitor.
  • As the elevator ascends, Dregs, Shanks, and Vandals.
  • Step out of the elevator, turn to the left and take the slope downward to reach Hawthorne.
  • Approach to trigger the final cutscene and complete the mission.


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