The Objective, “Find Enkaar, the weapon master” in Destiny 2.

Find Enkaar, the weapon master is an Objective in the Quest The Conversation in Destiny 2.




  • With the path forward clear, head down the passage in front of you.
  • Not too long in, you will come across a number of Shielded Hive worshiping a protected Void Crystal.
  • Now you will need to fight through 3 Wizards who are bosses.
  • You will be fighting them one at a time.
  • Once their White overshield drops, they will be protected by Solar Shields.
  • Getting through them, you will also encounter a group of Thrall running out of a nearby cave and attacking you.
  • Along with them, you will encounter a few Acolytes and some Knights as well.
  • Clearing the Wizards will drop the shield protecting the Void Crystal.
  • Thin out some of the nearby enemies and then destroy the crystal.