The Objective, “Find the Control Center” in Destiny 2.

Find the Control Center is an Objective in the Quest Data Requisition in Destiny 2.



  • Make your way through to the Tidal Anchor.
  • Just inside the Tidal Anchor, you will encounter a pair of Wretches.
  • Make your way over to the left and head into the first control room.
  • You will encounter a number of Dregs and some Shanks.
  • Go through the front right door in this control room
  • Drop over the ledge to the right to find a pair of shanks and a Servitor.
  • Destroy it and then follow the walkway downward into the next chamber.
  • Follow the hallway to the right and then to the left and toward the mined chamber.
  • This hallway has a number of Dregs that will immediately start to attack you when you enter.
  • Toward the far end, you will encounter a Vandal as well.
  • When you reach the far end, the red lit chamber, turn to the left and go through the hive encrusted entrance.


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