The Objective, “Find the Psionic Source” in Destiny 2.

Find the Psionic Source is an Objective in the Adventure Dark Alliance in Destiny 2.


Search for Red Legion Psions drawing power from the Dark Forest's corruption, and eliminate them.


  • Go forward, out of the train tunnel into the Dark Forest.
  • Ahead you will be able to see a Psionically Enhanced Centurion and a Corrupted Bonded Psion.
  • Defeating the Psion will briefly stun the Centurion nearby but unleash a Taken Blight from within the Psion.
  • Destroy the Centurion, then, optionally, deal with the Taken Blight.
  • Go up the slope and look to the left to find another pair of a Psionically Enhanced Centurion and a Corrupted Bonded Psion.
  • You can also just head a bit down hill from your first encounter.
  • Go forward along the path and head into the Portal that will appear in front of you.
  • Through the portal, you will see a number of Legionaries in front of you.
  • Defeat the first group and continue along the path deeper into the Forest.
  • Before long you will find a second group of Legionaries to deal with.
  • Fight through them and continue forward to the first large pool of water.


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