The Objective, “Find the reactor” in Destiny 2.

Find the reactor is an Objective in the Adventure Chances and Choices in Destiny 2.


Follow Sloane's coordinates to the methane reactor.


  • Inside the Arcology itself, you will see a number of Ketches teleporting in above the plaza.
  • Go over to the left from the entrance and toward that doorway.
  • In front of the doorway, you will see a Heavy Shank and a number of Dregs.
  • Charge past them (or fight them) into the doorway beyond.
  • You will see the Fallen Captain in the back part of the corridor.
  • In the small room between the corridor and the entry section, you will be ambushed by 2 Marauders.
  • Just through the door another Marauder is waiting in ambush.

  • Getting into the first corridor, going to the right, you will find a Barricade Servitor appear before you.
  • Destroy the Servitor to clear out the barrier blocking your way.

  • Press forward through the next corridor.
  • Go over to the left and through the doorway there.
  • This leads to a large corridor room where you will see the Hive and Fallen fighting.
  • Make your way to the back right and go through the open doorway there.
  • This will lead to a massive open drop.
  • Go on over the edge and safely land at the bottom.
  • Look for the open tunnel you see.
  • This tunnel is filled with tripmines.
  • Get close to the tunnel and fire on one of the tripmines.
  • This will trigger most of the mines, find another and fire on that.
  • There is a single Dreg between tunnels.
  • Continue forward to the next tunnel. You will see a pair of Wretches.
  • Go into the next tunnel where the Wretches are.
  • Destroy the mines on the ground and the tripmines on the walls.
  • Beyond this tunnel there are a pair of Shanks.

  • This leads to another barrier held by a Barricade Servitor.
  • Destroy the Servitor to drop the barrier ahead of you.

  • Through the barrier, before it drops, you can see the Fallen Captain run ahead of you.
  • Go into the next corridor and turn to the left.
  • Fight on through the Vandals in front of you.
  • Turn to the right as you go up the stairs.
  • There are more Vandals in your way.
  • Going forward you will see 6 Exploder Shanks drop from the ceiling on the left-hand side.
  • There are 2 Vandals in the area as well, firing on you.
  • Those are followed by 6 more Exploder Shanks dropping from ceiling on either side of you ahead of you.


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