First Contact is a limited time Public Event in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals.


A Pyramid Shard has descended down to the surface of a planet (shown is on Io). Using this, the seed needs to be charged up, drawing energy from a modified Gambit Bank.



  • Approach the glowing area below the Pyramid Shard and interact with it to begin the activity, calling in the Bank.
    • This public event has 4 tiers, most with 2 phases to each.
    • Each of the Banking/Taken phases seems to have a 2 minute time limit.
  • This will call in an opposing force (photos show Vex) that need to be defeated.
  • Most of the enemies will drop Red Motes which can be collected.
  • Any Guardian can only carry up to 10 motes at present.
  • These motes need to be collected and brought to the bank to charge it up.
  • When the bank reaches its first charge, a group of Taken will appear around the Bank.
  • All of these Taken need to be defeated for those participating in the event to progress to the next tier of the event.
  • This group is likely to have: Taken Goblin, Taken Centurion, Taken Phalanx
  • Some can be Unstoppable or Barrier types, so have some mods to deal with that.
  • There are other Majors (like a Quantum Minotaur) that can appear during each phase, so be on guard against that.
  • The second phase will add in Fanatics that head straight toward the bank and any nearby Guardians.
  • Watch out for the addition of Harpies as well.
  • The third phase will have the pressure increase more, with Boss Hydras beginning to appear
  • Reaching the Taken Phase of the third tier will be hard: Taken Hallowed Ogres will likely appear for you to deal with with a force of Taken Acolytes.
  • Among these is likely an Unstopped, Barrier or Overload Champion, so be ready for them if no one else is.
  • The fourth phase starts as normal with a round of Banking Motes, with 3 minutes on the timer.
  • This phase easily has the most enemies of any of them.

Heroic First Contact Trigger[edit]

The Taken's Shield draws power from a nearby pylon.

  • Trigger the Heroic requires turning in a number of "Blooms".
    • 4 Blooms need to be deposited into the Bank for the Heroic version to trigger.
  • Watch for the notation of Concentrated Darkness coalesces nearby.
  • Look toward the top of the Bank to find a beam of reddish energy coming from the top of the bank, going out in a direction.
  • Follow this beam to find the
  • Throughout the event, there are areas of concentrated energy that appear.
  • Approach these and destroy the initial enemies nearby.
  • This will draw out the Champion here, a Yellow bar that is: Unstoppable, Overload or Barrier.
  • This Champion needs to be defeated and they will drop a Bloom.
  • Grab any nearby motes and the Bloom and run them back to the Bank.
  • Deposit the Bloom into the Bank to make progress toward triggering the Heroic.

Completing Heroic First Contact[edit]

  • With the Blooms deposited across multiple rounds, a taken Pyromaster will appear.
  • To defeat them, you will need go between damaging them and breaking the Pylons that will be used to create a shield around them.
  • The Pylon will be marked and have a number of Taken within: Taken Ogre, Taken Goblins, and Taken Phalanx.
  • Clear each of the 2 Pylons as they appear.
  • They seem to appear as the Pyromaster is reduced by 1/3rd of their health.
  • Destroying them will break the shield around the Pyromaster, allowing the Guardians to defeat it and complete the heroic event.
  • You will likely get the notice that Savathun's Taken retreat when things are done.