The Objective, “Follow Io's Call” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Follow Io's Call is an Objective in Vision of Light in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Eyes up, Guardian.


  • You will land in the Lost Oasis, just in front of the large crater nearby.
  • Head over to the ledge, and look toward the crater in the very center of the larger crater.
  • A massive wave of light will be emitting from the place.
  • The Light will wash over the Guardian, beginning to draw out new powers..
  • Turn around from the crater and start heading away from it.
  • You will see a tree of light coming out of the ground.
  • Go inside the nearby cave, just beyond the tree.
  • Continue forward through the cave, where you will encounter a few Taken: 3 Taken Acolytes, and a Knight.
  • Defeat them or run by them, continuing deeper into the cave.
  • Turn to the right when you get into the canyon.
  • Over there, you will see another Tree of Light coming up from the ground.
  • There are a few Taken Thrall around the tree, drawing power from it.
  • Listen to the voice and then continue along the nearby path.
  • Go up the nearby slope and turn to the right.
  • Continue up the slope to find another few Tree of Lights.
  • Going along the main path you will see a few more Taken nearby that you should kill.
  • Once again, it is a collection of Taken Acolytes and a Knight.


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