The Objective, “Follow the Knight” in Destiny 2.

Follow the Knight is an Objective in the Adventure Deathless in Destiny 2.


Continue tracking the Knight.


  • Make your way over to the right-hand side of the arcology main plaza (facing as you entered).
  • There are likely a few Acolytes.
  • Fight through them and into the open door in front of you.
  • Once inside, head down the hallway to the left.
  • Go up the next 2 ramps, through the second doorway.
  • This will lead to the corridor overgrown with vegetation.
  • Follow this path forward into the Festering Halls and through the open door in front of you.
  • In the plaza below are a number of Cursed Thrall.
  • Try to eliminate those you can before you drop off the ledge into the plaza below.
  • Dropping down will trigger the Thrall to rush you and another fight with Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable.


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