The Objective, “Follow the Knight” in Destiny 2.

Follow the Knight is an Objective in the Adventure Deathless in Destiny 2.


Continue tracking the Knight.


  • With the essence of Takul-Dar, the Unbreakable run off again, you will need to continue to chase it down.
  • Head up the stairs in the left-hand portion of the room and into the hallway beyond it.
  • Turn to the left and head into the massive hole in the floor the Hive made.
  • Drop down into its depths and press forward into the dark tunnel.
  • This leads you into a large dark room with a few Shriekers in it.
  • Go to the far end of it and approach the Hive Runes at the far end of the hallway.
  • Interact with them to trigger one of the nearby Shriekers.


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