The Objective, “Follow the signal” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.
The Objective, “Follow the signal” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Follow the signal is an Objective in the Quest Signal Light in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.


Traverse the Infinite Forest to follow the signal.

Follow Ghost's lead in pursuit of the Vanguard broadcast.


Traverse the Infinite Forest.[edit]

  • Head across from the entrance of the Lighthouse and into the Infinite Forest.
  • Inside the forest, you will need to transverse the length of things to reach the Simulant Present.

Simulant Present[edit]

  • Inside the Simulant Present, Ghost remark on something unusual for the Infinite Forest, a notable temporal instability.
  • Just in front of you are 4 Goblins, and over to the right, yet another 6 Goblins.
  • Farther to the right are a pair of Harpies.
  • Go onto the ledge where the Harpies were and look to the left.
  • A pair of Goblins are there.
  • Defeat them and jump over to where they are.
  • Over to the right, on an elevated platform, is a Hobgoblin you should defeat because it is a Sniper model.
  • Jump up onto the elevated platform and look over to the left.
  • A trio of Harpies will have appeared from nearby, guarding the nearby Conflux.
  • Approach the Conflux and it will vanish.
  • Look to the left, toward the Sun, and you will see 3 more Harpies touch down on the right and 2 Goblins appear from behind the pillar.
  • Take out the Goblins then head over to the platform with the next Conflux and the harpies.
  • Clear out the Harpies to make your life a lot easier.
  • Head toward the sun along the pathway leading away from where the Conflux was.
  • Fight through the 4 Goblins that appear, but they are just the beginning here.
  • Beyond the stairs and archway in front of you is a pair of Quantum Cyclops that are guarding the next Conflux.
  • Take your time and fight them at a distance to ensure your safety.
  • Remember to focus only on their "eye" for critical damage and to stun them.
  • Once you have defeated the Cyclops, you will want to head toward the Conflux.
  • Defeating either of them will 12 Fanatics to appear.
  • Quickly target and destroy one that is in the heart of the group for a quick kill on the whole group.
  • Only after you have cleared the pair of Cyclops and the Fanatics should you head for the Conflux.
  • Turn to the left and head around the next gap, back toward the entrance.
  • On the far side of the adjacent platform you will see the next location of the Conflux.
  • Around it will drop 4 Goblins.
  • Defeat them and approach the Conflux.
  • Interact with the Conflux again to have it jump to its next location.
  • The COnflux will appear nearby the entrance.
  • Go over to it and interact with it to unlock the Unstable Conflux.


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