The Objective, “Adieu” in Destiny 2.

Follow your Vision is an Objective in the story mission/strike Adieu in Destiny 2.


Track the falcon through the mountains.


  • Having dealt with the War Beast pack, go on up the slope.
  • Follow the falcon as its winds its way upwards and into the mountains.
  • This will cause the scene to fade out and you will then be in Twilight Gap
  • Continue down the slope as its twists to the left.
  • It will level, rise and then dip again.
  • This will lead you to a ledge, look to the right to spot a ledge that you can travel across.
  • Walk carefully along this narrow passage forward.
  • A Cabal ship will fly overhead as you walk along the cliff face.
  • Continue forward, turning to the right when the path opens up.
  • Go up the slope in front of you.
  • Once again, you will find the falcon waiting for you.
  • Go down the slope in front of you and over to the left.
  • Be on your guard, there is a Cabal ambush of 8 War Beasts and a Legionary awaiting you on this walled in path.
  • Use whatever cover you can find to press any advantage against the Legionary.
  • Attack the War Beasts with Melee attacks if they get within their biting range for quick kills.
  • Continue forward after the fight.
  • This will lead to another ledge. Drop down on the right-hand side to land on another ledge safely.
  • Follow this ledge to the right to find both a log you can cross and a cave you can use to get around a drop.
  • On the far side, continue down the slope.
  • Drop down over the next ledge and then jump the gap when you come to it.
  • Turn to the right and continue forward.
  • This will lead to the wide gap that the Guardian can attempt to jump
  • If you fall, you will trigger a cutscene with Hawthorne.


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