Forfeit Shrine in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

The Forfeit Shrine is an Ascendant Challenge within the Dreaming City.



Activating the Well of Light[edit]

  • Inside the rift, you will enter the Forfeit Shrine.
  • 3 Arc Charges will be marked on your HUD.
  • The first goal of this challenge is to bring the 3 charges back to the central well in the middle of the area.
  • There are a number of Taken Blights that inflict Shadow Touched.
  • These can be destroyed with just a few shots from a Shotgun. Clear them if needed to set a very quick pace.
  • Keep moving since there will be a lot of Shadow Thrall spawning in, along with a number of Abyssal Champions.

  • 2 of the Arc charges are close by, with the third in the far back of the room.
  • Start by going to the Charge to the right.
  • You can run over there within too much trouble.
  • With the first charge in hand, make your dash back to the central platform.

  • From the Central portion, look to the left, below the high platform.
  • You can see the marker for the charge in front of you.
  • Make your way over to the location and dodge around the Blights.
  • At the back, jump into the air to collect the charge.

  • Finally, look to the middle of the area and head toward the upward slope.
  • Rush up the slope, avoiding the Taken Blight.
  • Be careful, turning to the left and going across the walkway.
  • As you charge along this walkway, you will need to dodge Taken Phalanx, Shadow Thrall and more.
  • Reach the end of the walkway and collect the charge there.
  • With the charge in hand, turn to the left and jump down to the middle.
  • Slam the charge into the center to trigger the next section of the challenge.

Defeat the Taken inside the Rift[edit]

  • With the third charge placed, you will get the message, Toland makes way for the Light, creating a Well of Boundless Light.
  • Using this limitless charge of Light, you will need to clear out the Taken from this area.
  • You will need to kill at least 4 Abyssal Champions in this area to complete the challenge.
  • The first Champion will likely attack alone.
  • After that, you will be dealing with a few waves worth of Abyssal Champions.
  • Defeating the Champions will give you a Chest.
  • Go over to the chest and open it up to claim the rewards inside it.

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