Galhran, the Sorrow-Bearer in Destiny 2.

“Galhran, the Sorrow-Bearer” is a boss that is Cabal.


The final boss of the Crown of Sorrows Raid Lair.

Defeating Galhran, the Sorrow-Bearer[edit]

  • Time for the final encounter of the raid.
  • This encounter will use EVERY mechanic the Fireteam has encountered and added something new as well on top of that.
  • Once again, there is a lot to explain, so be ready for some frustration as everyone gets a handle on the rhythm of the encounter.
  • As the encounter begins, have 1 Guardian from each pair gain Witch's Blessing so they can kill off the Blessed Knight Splinters, and Blessed Thrall that will be appearing.
  • This Guardian will be getting and regaining the Blessing throughout the encounter for ease.
  • Also, choose a vessel in your section to make a switch at as the Damage Phase is beginning now so everyone knows where to go.

  • After approximately 10 seconds, a Crystal will appear in 1 section.
  • Just like before, to destroy it, 1 Blessed and 1 Non-Blessed Guardian need to get into the Shield and attack it to destroy it.
  • The Crystal will rotate through the room clockwise, giving a predictable pattern for the Pairs to know about.
  • When the Crystal is destroyed, call it out so the next section knows the Crystal is incoming so they can watch for it.
  • Be sure to watch the Witch's Blessing timer and work out a plan with your partner, possibly switching after defeating the second Knight.

  • Throughout, 3 knights and a number of Acolytes will spawn into each of the 3 sections at the same time.
  • Defeating them will cause Cursed Thrall (possibly Blessed Thrall) and an Orge will appear for 2 of the 3 pairs.
  • Keep on top of the adds and clear them out quickly.

  • For 1 pair, a Galhran's Deception will appear with a number of Blessed Cursed Thrall.
  • This whole sequence with Galhran's Deception will need to be executed by each of the pairs.
  • The Guardian with Witch's Blessing needs to quickly kill off all of the Cursed Thrall.
  • Now is a trickier part since the Guardians need to get Galhran's Deception into the middle of the upper part of their section.
  • Once the Deception is in place, the pair of Guardians need to attack it to break its shield and stun it.
  • Other classes have different means to stagger or aid in positioning the Deception, so keep that in mind.
  • Immediately after that, turn your attention to Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer in the back of the section.
  • He will start launching a number of fireballs from his hand.
  • After that, it will glow green, giving the Guardians a chance to damage it.
  • Immediately attack it until Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer pulls their hand back.
  • Gahlran will then grab a massive Cleaver and bring it down in the middle of the section he is in.
  • Avoid this cleaver to stay alive, but this will cause Gahlran to kill his Gahlran's Deception.
  • Completing this sequence will remove Witch's Blessing from the Guardian that had it.
  • This means that those in the section with Galhran's Deception need to be especially aware of the Crystal rotation.
  • They should first destroy the crystal THEN proceed with getting Galhran's Deception destroyed.
  • After this, the Guardian who had Witch's Blessing should head over to the Witch's vessel of an adjoining section to regain the buff as well as let the Guardians in that section switch the Blessing if needed.

  • Once the third Galhran's Deception has been destroyed, all of the Galhrans in each section will start raising their hands which will start to glow green.
  • Each of the pairs needs to fire on 1 of the hands to stun him and cause his head to glow green.
  • Immediately start shooting his head.
  • This will cause 2 of the 3 Galhran's to vanish, leaving 1 in the arena.
  • Be sure that the designated team in the Crystal Rotation deals with the Crystal before rejoining the fireteam for Damage Phase
  • Now the fireteam needs to gather to trigger the damage phase.
  • Go to the pre-designated vessel, shoot it to break the barrier, and switch the buff.
  • Join up with the rest of the Fireteam to at a Witch's Vessel to switch the buff across the whole fireteam.
  • Trigger any effects to bolster damage (like Well of Radiance) and turn to face the Boss.
  • Galhran will raise his hands, causing them to glow Green.
  • The fireteam should go 3 and 3, shooting the left and right hands respective.
  • The hands will stop glowing and his head will start to glow.
  • Immediate start shooting at the remaining Galhran, the Sorrow-Bearer's head to damage the boss finally.
  • Damage will briefly be interrupted twice with Galhran raising his hands (and likely from the adds as well).
  • Continue this until you see the message, Gahlran attempts to deceive you.
  • Once again, everyone should gather in the circle and switch the Witch's Blessing to ensure safety.
  • At this point, the fireteam needs to break back into their pairs and return to their sections.
  • Time to this all over again, up to a total of 3 times before Enraged is triggered.

  • Like with every Raid (and Raid Lair) communication is key to ensuring everything can progress forward smoothly.
  • Still, keep chatter to a minimum after the team has learned the rhythm of the encounter.
  • This can go a long way to help ensure everyone can know what is happening in their section.