The Objective, “Get to safety” in Destiny 2.

Get to safety is an Objective in the Adventure No Safe Distance in Destiny 2.


Now that the Goliath tanks are disabled, escape from the Red Legion base before heavy reinforcements arrive.


  • Turn to the left, and head through the hallway that opens.
  • Toward the end of it you will encounter a number of Legionaries and Psions.
  • Turn to the left and you will see more Cabal below you.
  • Use the explosive barrels to get some quick kills if the grouping is right.
  • Continue through the hallway, keeping to the left as you go downward and forward.
  • There will be more Cabal trying to stop you.
  • Keep with the walkway and it turns to the right and into the next group of Cabal with a Centurion.
  • Just make your way back out to the Sunken Isles to complete the mission.


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