The Objective, “Get to the Shard of the Traveler” in Destiny 2.

Get to the Shard of the Traveler is an Objective in the story mission Spark in Destiny 2.


Push back the Fallen forces around the Shard.


  • Turn to the right at the railing and drop down to the ground below.
  • Follow the path down the slope.
  • You will eventually come across a crashed Fallen ship.
  • Approach this ship.
  • There are a number of Dregs that are around the remains of the ship.
  • These will attempt to swarm your Lightless Guardian with the aid of a few Marauders.
  • Defeat them and head past the Fallen Ship, going up the slope.
  • This will lead to another group of Fallen that are defending the area.
  • Close to the top of the slope you will be ambushed by a 6-8 Wretches attacking in pairs.
  • Go around the top to the left and follow the path downward to the left.
  • There are more Dregs wait for you as you transverse this area.
  • This time they have Marauders and Wretches with them.
  • Continue forward along the path and drop over the ledge in front of you.
  • Turn to the right after that and head up the slope.
  • This will bring the Guardian to the base of the Shard of the Traveler.
  • There are 4Dregs in this area, all ready to attack the Guardian.
  • Defeat them to cause Tikkis, Diminished Scrapper to appear in the back of the area.
  • Tikkis is protected by an Arc Shield.
  • Moving in close can force Tikkis to back away from, you creating more of an opportunity to attack.
  • Destroying its shield with an Arc Weapon with cause a small explosion to briefly stun Tikkis and damage, if not kill, nearby Dregs.
  • Defeating Tikkis will bring in 4+ more Dregs as well as Maksor, Starving Scavenger.
  • Maksor, like Tikkis, is protected by an Arc Shield.
  • Defeat both of them and clear the remaining Fallen.
  • Approach the Shard of the Traveler to trigger a cutscene.


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