Haunted Forest in Festival of the Lost.

Haunted Forest during the Festival of the Lost.


The Haunted Forest is a special version of the Infinite Forest. Fireteams of Guardians, many wearing masks, will be able to enter this area.

  • 15 minute time limit
  • Each successive wave will increase in difficulty.

Clearing the Haunted Forest[edit]

    • Respawning will set that Fire team member back at the start of the Haunted Forest Branch
  • While in the staging area, your timer will not decrease.
  • This can be used for a break or to simply wait for a Super or two to fully charge.
  • Each wave has 2 parts, the arena sections and then the boss fight.
  • Each arena section requires that the fire team clear the area of enemies.
  • Each boss will increase in difficulty the deeper you get.
  • Each enemy is worth about 2% progress, meaning at least 50 enemies need to be killed in each branch for the fireteam to progress.
  • Be sure that you are taking it in turns to use your supers throughout the encounter.
  • There will be Invincible Nightmares scattered throughout the arenas.
    • DO NOT try to kill these, just run away.
    • Avoid these since they are immune and do heavy damage.

Party Suggestions[edit]

  • Roaming supers are highly recommended for this event.
  • There are a lot of enemies that need to be defeat quickly to ensure the best progression throughout.
  • Revive your fire team members!


Modifiers will be cycling throughout the Haunted Forest.

    • Every 5 levels, an additional modifier can come into play.
  • Blackout - Radar is disabled, melee attacks are buffed.
  • Glass - Shields are at half strength but regenerate twice as fast.
  • Attrition - Health does not regenerate. You must kill enemies and collect the small pool of Light they occasionally drop to restore health.
  • Grounded - Take more damage while airborne.

The Timer[edit]

  • Starting an instance of the Haunted Forest will give you 15 minutes to get as deep in as you can.
  • When the timer runs out, your fireteam has a chance to go through the branch they are on, as long as the fireteam does not all die.
  • This will allow the Fireteam to complete the branch they are on, taking down the boss before taking you to the Treasure Room.