The Objective, “Hold the transmat zone” in Destiny 2.

Hold the transmat zone is an Objective in the Adventure Thief of Thieves in Destiny 2.


Defend the area while the cache transmats.


  • Once the transmat begins, you will need to hold the area against 3 waves of Fallen.
  • Most are going to be coming after you from beyond the pillar where you start.
  • Some will come from the door to your right, and others from the stairs to the left beyond the pillar.
  • During the second wave, you will start to encounter Shanks and Exploder Shanks.
  • Prioritize the Exploder shanks to quickly defeat them and ensure that they do not get close to you.
  • At the end of the third wave, you will encounter Teliks, Bandit Captain.
  • Defeat them and their remaining forces to finish this adventure.


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