Destiny 2: Infiltrate the lair of Enkaar, the Anointed - The Conversation

From Orcz
The Objective, “Infiltrate the lair of Enkaar, the Anointed” in Destiny 2.

Infiltrate the lair of Enkaar, the Anointed is an Objective in the Quest The Conversation in Destiny 2.


Eliminate Hive until you find a way to clear the blocked path.


  • A Tomb Ship will tear into reality nearby and deposit a large number of Hive for the Guardian(s) to deal with.
  • You will be facing a Revenant Knight and 4 Acolytes.
  • A careful grenade toss or another Area of Effect attack can be devastating here.
  • A few Thrall and Unhallowed Acolytes will follow after that.
  • They are lead by a Revenant Wizard and an Ogre.
  • Keep on guard because there is also a group of Cursed Thrall and Acolytes coming from a side of the cavern as well.
  • Defeat them to make it easier to deal with the Boss Ogre.
  • Killing the Ogre will get it to drop a Worm you can bring to the back section of wall with the Orange Growth.
  • Interact with the growth while holding the worm to clear the way forward.
  • Move back from the wall because it will explode, potentially with lethal force.
  • This will clear the path forward for you.