The Objective, “Investigate the Anti-Air Problem” in Destiny 2.

Investigate the Anti-Air Problem is an Objective in the Adventure Anti-Anti-Air in Destiny 2.


Engage Red Legion patrols around Firebase Hades and find out any information about anti-aircrasft fire.


  • Once the adventure has begun, a new patrol of Cabal will begin a circuit around the dish area of Firebase Hades.
  • The leader of the patrol will be marked.
  • Track down the marked Psion: Turret Mechanist.
  • There are a number of Legionaries and at least 1 Incendior protecting the mechanist.
  • Use area attacks and weapons for quick work of this group overall
  • Focus on the mechanist if you want to progress quickly.
  • When killed it will drop the Ordnance Installation Orders, be sure to collect this
  • Finish off the patrol group to unlock the next objective.


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