Cayde-6's Stashes on Io.

Cayde-6 is roaming the solar system and hiding caches of items and gear on different planets.

Each treasure map cost 4800 Glimmer to purchase.

Cayde's Odds and Ends can be found inside the chests.

The lead from Asher[edit]


The lead I got from Asher was some Psion was seen making off with this one somewhere in Echo Mesa. He mumbled something about it being on top of some Cabal checkpoint, before it - well- fell into a pit of Taken. And we all know how that turns out.

Giant's Scar

  • Travel to the Giant's Scar Landing Zone.
  • Turn to the South and head along the road to the first metal structure you find.
  • Look on the right-hand side of the barrier.
  • Climb up the sloped metal plank to reach the top and the chest.

So the word is...[edit]


So the word is one of the Cabal's drill engineers found another one of my caches. I don't know if I did such a good job sealing it or if those dumb rhino fingers are too fat to pry it open. Anyway, it's been spotted in some how near that drill site. I guess Ghaul called them back before they could get into it.

The Wraith Mines

  • Using the Landing Zone in either Lost Oasis or Giant's Scar and make your way to Terrabase Charon.
  • Once inside Terrabase Charon, make your way to the left-hand side in this large area.
  • You will find the entrance to The Wraith Mines, in the upper left in this area.
  • This room has Taken Phalanx and Taken Psion.
  • Looking up, you will see the stash that you are looking for.
  • Make your way on through the tunnel that is on your level.
  • Once again, you will be fighting more Taken, Knights and Taken Thrall
  • Go through the hallway in the back of the room.
  • In the next chamber, turn to the right inside this chamber.
  • Fight through the few Taken Psions in your way.
  • This will lead to the walkway above the chamber you entered.
  • Jump across the gap to the walkway just in front of the next doorway.
  • Look to the right in front of the doorway.
  • Jump up to the Metal beam and use that to reach the ledge ahead on the left and claim the Stash.

Video Walkthrough

You ever talk to Banshee much?[edit]


You ever talk to Banshee much? He's got this saying: Sometime the deeper you go, the less you'll ever understand. The Cabal are kind of like that. Why they feel the need to drag my stuff into their damn Io base... beyond me.

Excavation Site II

  • Travel to the Giant's Scar and start by traveling forward.
  • Go through the opening in the Cabal Base in front of you on the right.
  • Go past the excavation site in front of you and into the open circular opening across from you.
  • Follow the passage in front of you and take it down into Excavation Site II.
  • Make your way down the ramp into the first chamber.
  • Be mindful of the Taken Phalanx and Taken Psions.
  • Go through this room and up the ramp into the next one.
  • Turn to the left and head up the ramp in the back left to continue onward.
  • This will bring you into another large room with more Taken in it..
  • Go through the back left opening in this large room.
  • Make your way to the next hallway and go up the ramp inside it.
  • Once again you will be in the large chamber.
  • Go straight across the room to the large window overlooking the chamber you came through earlier.
  • This will bring you to the Stash just below the window.

Gotta love the views on Io[edit]


Gotta love the views on Io. I remember watching Jupiter float over the horizon, all big and stormy. I left a cache up there, and... fell asleep. Next thing I know, my Ghost is reviving me at the base of the cliff. Guess I roll around in my sleep.

The Rupture

  • From the Landing Zone in the the Rupture, turn to the North and follow the road there.
  • When you see the canyon come into view, slow down and head toward the nearby rocks along the road.
  • Go just past the rocks and look over the edge.
  • You need to either land between the Stash and the rocks or land directly on the Stash.
  • Most other places will kill the Guardian.
  • As long as you manage to open the stash before dying, you can claim its treasures.

Do me a favor and just look[edit]


Do me a favor and just look into that Pyramidion thing, would you? If the Vex are studying the best of humanity, you know they've got stuff on me in there.

The Rupture

  • From Asher Mir, the Rupture Landing Zone, head to the South, toward the entrance of the Pyramidion.
  • Head to the Southern side of the pit lip leading down toward the entrance of the Pyramidion.
  • On the Southern side, you will find a path leading toward the Pyramidion, follow it.
  • This will lead toward a small cave where you will find the Stash.

Funny thing, I know I've been to Io[edit]


Funny thing, I know I've been to Io, but all the details are pretty hazy. Guess I'm getting old. I have this memory of a battle on a bridge. Vex everywhere. After crossing a bridge, we took cover to the right, and then, well, it gets fuzzy from there. Maybe worth checking out?

  • Travel to the Rupture Landing Zone, to the South, toward the Pyramidion.
  • Get to the far side of the pit of the Pyramidion, where the Vex platform structure is.
  • Go across the platform, immediately turning to the left.
  • Go inside the tunnel and follow it through to the the Endless Gate.
  • Throughout the area you will encounter Goblins and Hobgoblin.
  • Once crossing into the Endless Gate, go on up the stairs and over to the bridge.
  • On the far end of the bridge, on the right, you will see a fallen pillar.
  • Go past the pillar on the right.
  • Just beyond the pillar you will see the chest.

Video Walkthrough

Asher called me to rant[edit]


Asher called me to rant about a Taken Blight destroying a research wing of the Cabal base, and I'm like, why are you telling? We're not friends; and then he mentions seeing one of my caches in the debris. Survived a Taken Blight. Not a bad design, if I do say so myself.

  • Make your way to the Northeastern exit of Lost Oasis.
  • Go forward through the canyon to the metal wreckage on the left.
  • Jump up the side of the canyon to reach the cache sitting among it.

Have you ever had a dream[edit]


Have you ever had a dream you're in this cave full of mist and you see this amazing cache, but every time you reach to open it, a new layer of mists blocks your path? No? Am I the only one who has this dream.

  • Travel to the Lost Oasis landing zone.
  • Summon your Sparrow and travel to the Northeast, going toward Terrabase Charon.
  • Once in Terrabase Charon, go down the slope on the left.
  • Just under the lip of a cave, you will find the chest you are looking for.

You know Eris Morn, right?[edit]


You know Eris Morn, right? Creepy three-eyed old Hunter, too much foundation? Doesn't matter. She comes in and asks me how Io was and I say wrong Vanguard, ask Ikora; and she's like, I was hoping that cache by the bones marked your grave; and I'm like, I'm an Exo, I left my bones behind a long time ago; and goes, exactly. You get anything from that?

  • Travel to the Lost Oasis landing zone.
  • Head to the Southern exit to the Rapture
  • Go through the canyon and around the first few corners.
  • Looking on the Eastern side of the canyon, look for a ledge just behind some bones jutting out of the ground.
  • Jump up onto the ledge there and claim the prize.

Video Walkthrough

OK, so, Albios's memorial service[edit]


OK, so, Albios's memorial service was on Io. Sacred to Warlocks, blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, I liked Al - but the service ran a bit long. Ending up betting Banshee I could make a few hairy jumps high up on the Mesa. Broke both my legs, bur I did it. I forget what Banshee gave me, but I know I left it in a cache up there somewhere.

  • Head to the Giant's Scar landing zone.
  • Travel to the North from the Giant's Scar up toward Terrabase Charon.
  • When you are reaching the end of the tunnel leading out to the plaza of Terrabase Charon.
  • Just before exiting the tunnel, look upwards.
  • You will see a suspended platform there.
  • Use the nearby crates to jump up onto the platform there.
  • On this platform, on the southern end, you will find the chest.

Video Walkthrough

Bear with me.[edit]


Bear with me. I have this memory on Io where I was just sniping Vex from a ledge. Then the sky went dark, and man, I can't remember anything but pain and running and calling for an evac. I know I left something behind on that one.

  • Travel to the Lost Oasis landing zone.
  • Once there, head to the Northeast, toward Terrabase Charon.
  • Go on up the slope and into the tunnel leading toward the nearby open plaza of Terrabase Charon.
  • Once inside the tunnel, go to the exit of the tunnel, but stop there.
  • Go to the left and jump onto the nearby container.
  • Turn to the nearby ledge against the far wall from where you entered.
  • Jump up onto the ledge and head toward the crates.
  • On this ledge, you will see the cache behind the crates.

Video Walkthrough

I got word on another cache in the Echo Mesa.[edit]


I got word on another cache in the Echo Mesa. Some of Asher's 'assistants' chased a Legionary out of the Cabal Base but lost him in a little cave nearby. Must've left it there, since the rhino came out empty handed. That's when the assistants got him. Good thing, 'cause I'd rather it go to you.

  • Travel to the Giant's Scar landing zone.
  • Go just to the North, keeping along the wall of where you landing.
  • There is a small cave nearby the landing zone that you can enter.
  • Once inside there, you will find the cache sitting in front of you.

Video Walkthrough

The lead I got from Asher was some Psion...[edit]


The lead I got from Asher was some Psion was seen making off with this one somewhere in the Echo Mesa. He mumbled something about it being on top of some Cabal checkpoint, before it - well - fell into a pit of Taken. And we all known how that turns out.

  • Travel to the Giant's Scar Landing Zone.
  • Turn to the Right and head down the canyon here.
  • As soon as you reach the first metal structure, stop and head to the right-hand side.
  • Climb up the sloped portion.
  • Against the wall you find the Cache you are looking for.

Video Walkthrough

Damn Rhinos.[edit]


Damn Rhinos. Made off with everything from my lockers when they ransacked the Tower. This one here, they dragged to Io and apparently left behind. Last ping I got came from their abandoned base on the Echo.

  • Travel to the Giant's Scar.
  • Head to the West, through the Canyon to the second Cabal structure.
  • Go along the left-hand side (Southern) of the structure.
  • Against the wall and the structure you will find the cache.

Video Walkthrough

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