Io Savathun Eyes in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals.

Savathun Eyes on Io in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals.

The Rupture - Savathun Eyes[edit]

Nearby Asher Mir[edit]

  • Look above the bones nearby where you land in The Rupture.
  • On top of the bones, you will find the Eye.

Southern Rupture[edit]

  • Go to the large open area, where the Cabal public event was, and the Southern Lost Sector.
  • Look toward the stone coming out of the ground, toward the Pyramidion.
  • Along the left you can see the eye on the left-hand stone growth.

Sanctum of Bones[edit]

  • Enter and clear the first chamber of The Sanctum of Bones.
  • Start climbing up the slope leading toward the next chamber, turning around just after the first stalagmite.
  • Look above the entrance of the Lost Sector to find the eye.

Aphix Conduit[edit]

  • Found inside the lost sector, Aphix Conduit.
  • Make your way through to the boss chamber of the Lost Sector.
  • Once there, go toward the far wall from where you enter the chamber and look to the ceiling.
  • From the middle of the ramp section, look to the left and to the ceiling to find the eye.

Lost Oasis[edit]

The Lost Oasis Landing Zone[edit]

  • Fast Travel to the Lost Oasis.
  • Go forward just a little and look to the right to spot the Eye in the distance.

Lost Oasis Giant Tree Roots[edit]

  • From the landing zone, head on up the sloipe toward the giant tree in the middle of the area.
  • Make your way to the roots of the tree that is over the crevice.
  • Head under the tree and look for the root below the ledges when you turn back toward the landing zone itself.
  • land on the root below yourself and search the Eastern side of the wall to easily find the eye.

Giant's Scar[edit]

  • Make your way to the far side of the Cabal bunker nearby where you enter this zone from the Lost Oasis.
  • From this Eastern position, look up into the leg of the massive drill in the middle of this section.
  • On the right-hand side of it you can spot the Eye.

Excavation Site II[edit]

  • Head to the South from the previous eye, staying along the Eastern side of Giant's Scar.
  • Go into the tunnel here and follow it to Excavation Site II.
  • Continue deeper in through the entrance chamber and go into the second main chamber here.
  • Turn around and look above the doorway you just entered from to find the eye.

Terrabase Charon[edit]

  • Make your way through Giant's Scar and into Terrabase Charon.
  • Look into the Northern part of the pit in the middle of this area
  • Look behind the stalagmite to find the eye.

Wraith Mines[edit]

  • The final Io eye itself is in the Wraith Mines.
  • From Terrabase Charon, heading over to the right from the entrance of this area.
  • Go into the building and weave your way through the tunnel to the Mines themselves.
  • Once inside, go forward to the very first chamber.
  • Turn to the right to spot the Eye immediately to the right of the entrance tunnel.