The Objective, “Journey to the Spire” in Destiny 2.

Journey to the Spire is an Objective in the Dungeons The Shattered Throne in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


There is no place better suited for you...


    • Taking your time is now key and is going to be key throughout the remaining portions of the Dungeon.
  • At the bottom of the pit, you are in the depths of Erebus.
  • Head forward and follow the open door, going to the right.
  • Go down the stairs to reach the Descent itself.
  • You'll hit a checkpoint once you reach the bridge here, overlooking an area below with taken.
  • On the left-hand side is a Taken Minotaur, likely invisible.
  • Nearby it is a fair-sized group of Taken Acolytes.
  • There are about 2 nearby the Minotaur and 4-6 on the flat area to the right of it.
  • Be careful with them, possibly taking them out from the stairs far above them.
  • To progress through, you will need to drop down to where they are.
  • Caution is the name of the game (if solo, a bit less with a Fireteam) because there are 4 Taken Vandal snipers over to the right, where you need to go.
  • Take some time (and use a Primary Scout/Pulse Rifle) and pick them off one at a time.
  • There is one that is a higher risk since it has another Taken Minotaur backing it up.
  • Progress carefully along the rise and fall of the stairs otherwise.
  • After the first set goes down, you will encounter one Taken Acolyte at the top, by the Taken windows on the ground.
  • Going down the nearby stairs, you will encounter a pair of Taken.
  • There is a tall set of stairs after that, with a switchback next to them.
  • Get to the flat at the top of the first part of the stairs and immediately look to the right because there is a Taken Centurion waiting in ambush there.
  • Taking your time here will likely draw a Ravenous Taken Minotaur to you from the next level up
  • This is a good thing, letting you better control what you're fighting.
  • Carefully make your way up, clearing out the Taken Vandals that are sniping from higher up.
  • On this top landing, you will need to deal with a boss Asterion, Set Apart, a Taken Captain with a Solar Shield.
  • Defeating them will open the door into the next section of The Descent, a long two-section hallway.
  • This is a fairly dangerous part of a Solo Player since it has a number of Taken Phalanx on the sides to do more pushing, which have Ravenous Taken Knights nearby each.
  • Above those, on both sides, you will see Taken Hobgoblins again, ready to do plenty of sniping and retaliation blasts.
  • In the middle, you will encounter pairs of Taken Phalanx that can easily block your way or blast you off into a pit.
  • Fight your way very carefully to the back of this long hallway.
  • At the end, turn to the left and take the stairs up into the next hallway.
  • Follow this hallway forward until it opens up to the next room.
    • Dying here bring you back to the TOP of the stairwell.
  • For this part, having a Scout Rifle or Sniper Rifle is HIGHLY recommended (especially Solo).
  • The area is filled with narrow beams and Taken Ogres.
  • Pick off the Ogres from as far away as possible, on as big of platform as possible to avoid death from just falling.
  • There are 2 Ogres that appear to the right of where you enter.
  • After that, move out onto the beams and look to the left.
  • There is another Ogre that will appear farther down the path, to your left.
  • There is also a Taken Blight that appears at the base of a pillar with Orbs revolving around it.
  • These Orbs will kill you on contact.
  • Pick off the third Ogre then move to where they were.
  • Move to the far side from where you approached and get onto the beam between the two pillars.
  • The Fourth Ogre will appear.
  • Head across the beam now to the next pillar, where the fourth Ogre was.
  • Facing the exit of the room, there is another Ogre that will appear to the back right.
  • Pick them off and you are home free (just be mindful of the Taken Orbs of Energy, since they can push you around.
  • Continue along the narrows beams to weave your way to the back of the room.
  • There is 1 more Taken Ogre that appears in the back left, on the platform just before the entrance to the next section of this area, the Thrallway.