The Story Mission, “Leviathan” in Destiny 2.

Leviathan is a Raid in Destiny 2.


Emperor Calus has invited your fireteam to his ship, The Leviathan.



  • This is a very mechanics heavy raid.
  • Each team member will have a responsibility and they will need to carry it out.
  • Each Fireteam member will have 1 Revive Tokens to restore their fallen companion to life per encounter.
  • The order of encounters will shift weekly.

Numerous Keys are given to the fireteam upon encounter completions, these allow you to access chests in the belly of the Leviathan:

Prestige Mode[edit]

  • Prestige mode has been added to the Leviathan Raid
  • The updates for each encounter are listed separately for each on their pages.
  • If a Guardian dies before using their Revive token, they will lose their own token upon revival.