Lightfall in Destiny 2.

  • The final expansion of Destiny 2(?)

Story Missions[edit]

New Planet[edit]

Neo Luma on Neptune

  • Pristine Golden Age City

Cloud Striders[edit]

  • They have chosen to become protectors

New Darkness Subclass[edit]


  • Calus
  • The Shadow Legion
  • Tormentors
  • The Witness

Guardian Ranks[edit]

  • About player having a chance to navigate through the systems of Destiny.
  • Making the depths of Destiny customization more accessible.
  • Going to have an LFG built-in!

Guardian Commendations[edit]

  • System to allow others to highlight the skills of other people

Mod Managers[edit]

  • Screen all about building your loadouts
  • Allows player to save loadouts and quickly changing between them.