The Objective, “Link with the Harpy” in Destiny 2.

Link with the Harpy is an Objective in the Adventure My Captain in Destiny 2.


Stay close to the Harpy as you proceed forward through the trial.


  • Stand close to the Vex Confluence that has been summoned by the Harpy.
  • You will need to stay near and complete this link process 4 times total.
  • The first time is easy with you having the singular opening in front of you.
  • You will need to fight through a wave of Vex attacking you.
  • This group will have Goblins, and Fanatics.
  • With the first link completed, follow the Harpy down the slope in front of you and to the second Conflux.
  • The second link is harder to complete, but not too much.
  • This time you are facing off against Goblins, Harpies.
  • In the latter half of this link, you will also encounter a Hobgoblin
  • Follow the Harpy back toward the chamber, going to the left of it to trigger the third link.
  • This third link has you more exposed, increasing the difficulty.
  • You will also need to face at least 1 Minotaur as well in this area.
  • The Vex will attack with Fanatics, and Goblins as well.
  • Once this link is complete, follow the Harpy along the edge of the platform you are on.

  • Follow the Harpy over to the next location over toward the edge of the ledge you are on.
  • Take some time reaching this location to fight on through the Vex that are attacking you and to make this link a bit easier.
  • You will be encountering Goblins, Fanatics, Harpies, another Empathic Minotaur and a Hobgoblin.
  • Be sure to watch the ledge above the Link Conflux to avoid getting ambushed by the Hobgoblin.
  • Clear out the Vex to keep alive while remaining close enough to continue establishing the link to finish this objective.


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