The Objective, “Locate the CPU network” in Destiny 2.

Locate the CPU network is an Objective in the Story/Strike/Raid/Adventure Utopia in Destiny 2.


Find a New Pacific Acrology OS access terminal.


  • The Guardian will be inside the New Pacific Arcology and need to find a terminal to gain a map of the facility.
  • Go to the right-hand side of the overgrown pool.
  • You will see an open sliding door.
  • Go inside this door, up the ramp ahead on the left and then the next one ahead on the right.
  • Once again, turn left and follow the hallway forward.
  • It will go up, make a slow u-turn, lead to some turnstills to pass through or over, then once again, around a slow turn.
  • This will bring the Guardian into the Festering Halls
  • To the left of the door in front of you is an OS Access terminal that your Ghost needs.


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