The Quest Step, Locate the Giant Exo in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Locate the Giant Exo is a quest step in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Part of the Lost Lament Quest.


"Those Dead Exos you found are giving me a headache something fierce - and even more flashes. That blade again, in more glory than before. Must be important. Also saw frozen-over labs filled with dormant5 Exos. Even saw one the size of a giant. Gonna take a guess and say that's your next step... wherever that is." - Banshee-44

Locate the Giant Exo hidden in the Exo Facility


  • Giant Exo found


  • Head back to Cadmus Ridge and begin making your way to the Western portion of it.
  • There are some ruins sticking out of the ice and snow along this side with an entrance under an overhang.
  • Wind your way down into the building itself.
  • Once inside, turn over to the right, take the stairs up and go through the next door to the left.
  • Inside this room, take out any Fallen nearby then continue forward, and go to the right, through the doorway there.
  • In this hallway, go over to the right and then take the first left.
  • The Guardian will reach a room with several Exos in tubes and a number of Shanks and a Captain.
  • Defeat them and head through the far side of the room.
  • The Guardian will need to open a Stasis lock to continue, requiring completion of the Story Campaign.
  • Through the barrier, take the stairs down and follow the corridor over to the left.
  • This will lead to a large chamber, Creation.
  • Yet more Fallen are scattered throughout it that need to be dealt with.
  • Take out the dregs below the entrance before turning your attention to the Captain on the platform by the train tracks.
  • Take out any other Dregs you feel like, but head straight across the room and into the open elevator shaft.
  • From there, drop down it and turn to the right, and head into the next very large room.
  • Fight the Dregs and Vandals here that are nearby the entrance.
  • Having cleared them out, go over to the left-hand side of the room and get onto the walkway.
  • Go to the end of the walkway and look over to the right.
  • Below you is another walkway to jump down to, so head on down and deal with the Fallen there.
  • Of course there are more Dregs and a Captain here.
  • After that, go to the middle of the walkway where there is a broken piece of circular glass.
  • Drop down here and head over toward the far side of the room from where you came in, fighting Fallen all along the way.
  • Reaching the far end, go into the doorway there and head through this corridor to get to the end.
  • Follow this to the path all the way to the end to find the massive Exo head.
  • Go, approach and interact with it to meet Clovis AI.

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