Cayde-6's Stashes on Mercury.

Cayde-6 is roaming the solar system and hiding caches of items and gear on different planets.

Each treasure map cost 4800 Glimmer to purchase.

Cayde's Odds and Ends can be found inside the chests.

Hiding treasure is an art[edit]


"Hiding treasure is an art. And there are a lot of different kinds of art, right? This would be an art piece that's an ironic metacommentary about art, if that makes any sense. Yeah, that totally doesn't make sense."

Braytech Futurescape

  • Land in the Braytech Futurescape and summon your Sparrow.
  • Drive over to the East, follow the ramp as it curves and goes downward.
  • Look in the first open truck on the ramp to spot the cache.
  • Go into the truck and claim your loot!

Video Walkthrough

Let me tell you the real truth about machines[edit]


"Let me tell you the real truth about machines - they're a lot more like people than you'd think. Some are fine, some are just jerks. Rasputin? Totally right-brained. I think."

Mindlab: Rasputin

  • Land in Braytech Futurescape and travel through the Aurora Reach to get to Mindlab Rasputin.
  • Head through the first section, jumping upwards and into the doorway in the sloped wall.
  • Turn right and head through to the second plaza.
  • Go over to the left and use the broken piping to reach the top level of this area.
  • Run straight across the platform, and look over the ledge.
  • You will see a pipe over the ledge, so jump over and onto it.
  • Go along the pipe to the next platform on the right.
  • Drop onto this platform through the support wiring.
  • Go over to the chest and open it up.

Video Walkthrough

Bray's an interesting place.[edit]


"Bray's an interesting place. I have a complicated relationship with it, given my past and all. But I've gotta admit, they've built some dang impressive for the whole system. The Golden Age must have been a wild time to alive."

Glacial Drift

  • Land in the Glacial Drift Landing Zone and summon your Sparrow.
  • Drive forward and go onto the road above the Drifts.
  • Get to the road and turn onto it.
  • Go over to the left-hand side and jump onto the remains of the truck.
  • Look in the body of the truck to find the cache.

Video Walkthrough

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