Mars Savathun Eyes in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals.

Savathun Eyes on Mars in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals.

Olympus Descent Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Make your way to the top of the Olympus Descent, where you first touched down on Mars.
  • Look to the heights of the cliffside to find this eye, to the left.

Ma'adim Subterrane Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Fight your way through to the boss chamber, and clear that.
  • With the chamber clear, look to the opening along the left-hand wall, where the light is coming in.
  • In that opening is one of the Eyes.

Glacial Drift Savathun Eyes[edit]

Eye 1[edit]

Eye 2[edit]

  • Head across the bridge from the previous eye, to the building at the foot of the bridge.
  • Once there, go into the building to the right.
  • Inside there, head to the back and look to the left to find the eye near the ceiling in the corner.

Braytech Futurescape Savathun Eyes[edit]

Eye 1[edit]

  • Go inside the Braytech building with Ana Bray.
  • The eye is easy to see by looking toward over Ana.

Eye 2[edit]

  • Head over to the right, starting on the walkway toward Mindlab Rasputin.
  • Go along this path unti lyou are first outside.
  • Immediately turn to the left and look out over the void here.
  • Get so you can look around the corner here to find the Eye.

Eye 3[edit]

  • From the Landing Zone in Braytech Futurescape, go just a bit over to the left.
  • Head past the Patrol beacon nearest the path leading toward Dynamo Approach.
  • You can find the Eye on the wall above, in the nook where the building has an overhang in this direction.

Mindlab Rasputin Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Make your way to the heights and the entrance of Mindlab Rasputin itself.
  • Climb to the top, and look to the left of the massive door.
  • On the small ledge here you can find the eye.

Core Terminus Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Make your way into the Lost Sector: Core Terminus.
  • Get through the Lost Sector to the hallway just before the Boss room.
  • The eye is found in the top right of the hallway, just behind a pillar.

Savathun Eye[edit]

  • Return to Braytech Futurescape, and go to the left to head into the Alton Dynamo.
  • Make your way through to the last chamber, where you would encouter the Orge during the Will of Thousands.
  • The eye sits in the heights of the area, just to the left on the scaffolding found to the left of the entrance.