A Small Treasure Beacon unlocked through the Star Chart.

A Medium Treasure Beacon unlocked through the Star Chart.


A Strange Poem. You suspect some of the words may have hidden meanings...

  • Unlocked at Saavy Rank 10

Cryptic Quatrains II[edit]

Step 1[edit]

    • A riddle written on sea-water stained parchment
  • "The bay filled be chest, although drown I did not/I coughed and I shivered my way through the mist/They dreamed I was lost, my sad scarper for naught/Yet all I wished for was tight in me fight.
    • Bay Chest Drown Mist Dream Lost Wish.
  • All signs point toward the Dreaming City. Head on over to the Mists landing Zone.
  • Once there, make for the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost sector.
  • Complete a NORMAL run through it and open the chest for the next hint.

Step 2[edit]

    • A riddle written on sea-water stained parchment
  • I swore I was dead at the shores of the lake/Their shadows stretched long as they searched the debris/But through they did strike out at me and me take/Their words found me ears, but they didn't find me
    • Dead Lake Shadows Strike
  • Time to turn the Lake of Shadows strike through the EDZ section of the directory.

Step 3[edit]

    • A riddle written on sea-water stained parchment
  • Me long expedition led to no reward/Me bones cried for rest and yet I could not yield/Lest I sear the sound of a crewmate's drawn sword/I shiver with terror at what they might wield
  • Expedition Sword Wield
  • Go to the HELM in the directory and start an Expedition, but make sure that you have a Sword equipped!
  • Complete the expedition as normal (and be sure that you have a treasure map ready) while you have at least a Sword equipped in your power weapon slot.
  • Try to use it a little, but it is not needed to be on hand.
  • Just open the chest at the end to progress the quest.

Step 4[edit]

    • A riddle written on sea-water stained parchment
  • The red ground of Nessus would soon be my grave/A column reached high into alien hue/Though cistern did beckon, no water it gave/At pyramind's imprint, I sought to pass through
    • Nessus Column Cistern Pyramid's Imprint Pass Through
  • Head out to the Cistern on Nessus.
  • Go over to the Western side and climb the tall column here.
  • Go through the triangular opening about the middle of it.
  • Once there, look ahead just a little to the right to find the green treasure marker on the ground

Step 5[edit]

    • A riddle written on sea-water stained parchment
  • Me crewmates were nearing, t'was just as I feared/And terrible fluid did fall from the sky/I fancied I noticed, beyond the broken sphere,/A place that was safe for me treasure and I
    • Fluid did fall from the sky Broken sphere Treasure
  • From the treasure marker in the the Cistern, head to the North.
  • Go up the slope nearby, past the Lost Sector to the area where you can find the Cabal Mining Expedition Public Event (top left of the Cistern).
  • Look along the Western side of this area to find the broken Sphere.
  • Head just past it, and look on the ground to find the Treasure Mark to dig up this loot.
  • Quest complete!

Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ Cryptic Quatrains II Video Walkthrough]