Cayde-6's Stashes on Mercury.

Cayde-6 is roaming the solar system and hiding caches of items and gear on different planets.

Each treasure map cost 4800 Glimmer to purchase.

Cayde's Odds and Ends can be found inside the chests.

Is it me, or does the Lighthouse have a lot of broken doors?[edit]


Is it me, or does the Lighthouse have a lot of broken doors? Well, if no one's using them as doors, I might as well use them as stash markers.

The Lighthouse

  • Touch down on the Lighthouse Landing Zone.
  • Go across the the Lighthouse itself to the far side from where you landed.
  • Go to where you can see the Vex below you.
  • Drop down to the ground at the base of the tower.
  • Look toward the tower itself, you will see a broken Vex Gate.
  • On the left-hand side of the gate you will find the cache.

Video Walkthrough

So it's like a big stone ball[edit]


So it's like a big stone ball, but it's got a fountain of radio-whatever on it. Don't look at me like that. I'm literally describing the topography.

The Lighthouse

  • Land at the the Lighthouse landing zone.
  • Look over to the left from the landing zone.
  • A short ways away is a crater with a ruined Vex Construct in it.
  • Go over to it and look toward the ruined Vex Construct.
  • On the right you will see the cache.
  • Either jump or walk over to it.

Video Walkthrough

I was trying to find a back door[edit]


I was trying to find a back door into the Infinite Forest. First place I looked? The back back of the Forest door. No Vex doomsday machine, but I found a good spot for a stash.

The Lighthouse

  • From the Lighthouse landing zone, head straight toward the entrance to the Infinite Forest.
  • Go to the left of the entrance structure and onto the boundary of the play area.
  • Go around to the just to the left of the middle of the back.
  • You will see the cache sitting in plain sight.

Video Walkthrough

Good new: I left myself a note for this one[edit]


Good news: I left myself a note for this one. Bad news: the note just says, 'live on the edge.' So... there you go.

The Lighthouse

  • From the The Lighthouse landing zone, you will want to head South toward the entrance of the Infinite Forest.
  • Go straight across the Vex Crossroad toward the edge of the world.
  • Head to the West of the entrance, along the edge away from the Infinite Forest.
  • Along this edge, you can see a trace of the glow from the cache.
  • head to the edge and drop onto the small ledge just past the edge.
  • You will find the cache sitting on this edge.

Video Walkthrough

Was actually trying to bring the Lighthouse some supplies.[edit]


Was actually trying to bring the Lighthouse some supplies. You know, since Almighty ate half the planet. But Vance wouldn't let me in! Couldn't find another way in, so I just left the stash near the door.. near-ish.

The Lighthouse

  • Turn to the left, looking toward the edge of the area below.
  • Drop down over to the ledges to the ground level.
  • Go over to the ledge, to the North.
  • Just over the ledge, close to the edge of the area.
  • You will find the chest sitting on the ledge.

Video Walkthrough

I have this feeling...[edit]


I have this feeling the Followers don't go outside much. Shame, too. If it was me, I'd be sunning myself on that patio thing they got going out there. Top-notch real estate.

The Lighthouse

  • Travel to the Mercury landing zone.
  • When you land, immediately turn to the North.
  • Walk off the platform and look down.
  • Just to the left of the step up is the cache.
  • Drop down to the dirt and open the cache.

Video Walkthrough

They just kept warping in out of nowhere.[edit]


They just kept warping in out of nowhere. I was handling it, you know until - you get it. Anyway, I wasn't hiding behind the waterfall. Just regrouping.

The Lighthouse

  • From the Lighthouse, head over to the lower Eastern side of the central area.
  • You will find a pool of Radiolorian Fluid with a waterfall of it coming down.
  • Go over to the platform behind the waterwall.
  • Continue to the far wall, well behind the waterfall and behind a wall.
  • Sitting on the Eastern side of this section of over is the chest.

Video Walkthrough

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