The Moments of Triumph in Destiny 2 for 2020.

The Moments of Triumph are a series of challenges offered to the Guardians to complete.




The various triumphs that can be completed during the Moments of Triumph.

Triumph Name Completion Method
Triumph Apprentice Attain a moderate Triumph score
Triumph Master Attain a Triumph score of 50,000
Leviathan Raid Complete the Leviathan Raid
Spire of Stars Raid Complete the Spire of Stars Raid Lair
Eater of Worlds Raid Complete the Eater of Worlds Raid Lair
Crown of Sorrows Raid Complete the Crown of Sorrows
Scourge of the Past Raid Complete the Scourge of the Past
Gun for Hire Complete 15 Bounties
Challenger Complete 10 Weekly Challenges
For the Vanguard Complete 20 Strikes in any Playlist
Ordeal or No Deal Complete Ordeal Strikes (challenging strikes grant more progress)
Valor Legend In Season of Arrivals reach Legend Valor rank and reset rank
Trials Victories Win 7 Matches in Trials of Osiris
Gambit Standout In Season of Arrivals, deposit 250 Motes and defeat 150 enemies with precision final blows
K1 Discovered Complete and loot all Moon Lost Sectors
Altar of Sorrow: Final Phase Defeat a Tier V Nightmare boss
Garden of Salvation Complete the Garden of Salvation Raid.
Destroyer of Heretics Complete the Pit of Heresey dungeon
Prophecy Complete Complete the Prophecy Dungeon
Season Rank Pass Attain Rank 100 in Season of Arrivals
Secret Triumph Unlocks during Solstice of Heroes 2020
Exotic Arsenal Claim Exotics: Witherhoard, Ruinous Effigy and Traveler's Chosen
Hive-God Optometrist Find and destroy Savathun's Eyes.
Secret Triumph Unlocks during Solstice of Heroes 2020
Secret Triumph Unlocks during Solstice of Heroes 2020