The Shattered Realm Mysteries found within the Shattered Realms during the Season of the Lost.

The Shattered Realm Mysteries found within the Debris of Dreams during the Season of the Lost.

Debris of Dreams[edit]

Trivial - Supply Stash[edit]

  • From the first Beacon inside the Shattered Enclave, you have a short run to make.
  • Look for the semi-circle doorway that has a barrier over to the left (facing the beacon) from the Beacon itself.
  • Activate the nearby Barrier Anchor to invoke Barrier Breach to get back outside.
  • Just outside there is another Barrier Anchor to refresh Barrier Breach and rush for the building
  • Once there, go over to the right to the small building there.
  • Inside there is another Barrier Anchor.
  • Get over to the small building, where you will find the Supply Stash Chest.

Trivial - The Concealed Cache[edit]

    • Ability: True Sight
    • Location: The Derelict Ship
  • From the second Beacon, face toward the beacon.
  • Jump across the area over to the top balcony with the circular archway.
  • Through the archway, head over to the left and drop down to the True Sight Anchor there.
  • Turn around, then activate the anchor.
  • Immediately jump back onto the platform and head into the building.
  • Once inside the section with the beacon, head across the gap to the entrance of the ladder leading upwards.
  • Go on up the ladder to reach the top section of this area.
  • At the top of the ladder, head over to the right.
  • Once there, go to the barrier area.
  • Just before it to the left, you will be able to find an Ascendant Chest.

Trivial - The Secret Stash[edit]

  • From the Concealed Cache, just up the ladder from the second beacon,
  • Turn to the left (facing the chest) and head over to the nearby Barrier with its adjacent Barrier Anchor.
  • Just go on through the barrier.
  • Across from you is the Secret Stash Chest.

Enigmatic - Shipyard Secrets[edit]

  • From the second beacon, go over to the ladder shaft and climb it up to the top.
  • At the top head on over to the left and down the downward corridor to get back outside.
  • Once there, follow the path over to the right.
  • Get to the nearby teleport and use it to ascend up to where the third beacon is.
  • From the place you teleport to, head forward, going just to the left of the final beacon.
  • Head right across to the railing on the far side.
  • Once there, look down to the to below the ledge you are on.
  • Look for the metal spokes coming out from below you.
  • Jump the railing and land on the spokes below.
  • From there, make your way down to the ledge immediately below you.
  • Once there, go over to the nearby True Sight Anchor and activate it.
  • Ascendant Platforms will appear in the air in front of you.
  • Climb up onto them and jump out to the far platform.
  • You will find the Shipyard Secrets Chest there.

Trivial - Refined Mystery[edit]

  • From the third beacon, head straight out from the teleporter landing and go to the railing.
  • Look over it and jump down to the spokes just below you.
  • From there, carefully maneuver to land on the ledge below.
  • On the ledge, head over to the left and go along the path here.
  • Look for the large fallen building in front of you.
  • Jump across the gap to the Industrial Facility.
  • To the left of the small set of stairs nearby is a Barrier Anchor.
  • Activate Barrier Breach and go through the barrier next to the anchor.
  • Inside here, you will find the Refined Mystery Chest.

Trivial - The Underhang[edit]

  • From Refined Mystery, use the nearby Barrier Anchor to get out of the room with the previous mystery.
  • From there, go over to the right.
  • Use the nearby stairs, and the following to climb up to the top of the building you were just in.
  • At the top of the second set of stairs, take a sharp left.
  • In front of you should, ahead on the right, should be a suspended platform.
  • Jump from the building over to the suspended platform and from there to the landmass beyond that.
  • Landing there, turn to the left and start down the slope.
  • Look across the gap, you should see a ledge path with an Anchor and a Field of Strife inside a cavern.
  • Jump across the gap and head for the anchor nearby the edge of the ledge.
  • This is a True Sight Anchor, so invoke it to make some platforms appear over the pit you just jumped.
  • Jump out onto the ascendant platforms and follow them all the way to the end to the right.
  • This leads to a small ledge with another anchor, but more importantly, an ascendant chest.
  • Open this one on up to claim the Underhang Mystery.

Enigmatic - Outpost Lost[edit]

  • From the Underhang Chest, use the nearby True Sight Anchor to invoke True Sight and have the Ascendant platforms appear in front of you.
  • Head on back to the top of the platforms where you first got to them.
  • From this anchor, head into the Field of Strife in front of you.
  • Inside this cavern, just go straight back.
  • There is a ledge in the back with a bit of a slope on its right-hand side.
  • Go to the right-hand side of it and jump up onto the rocks next to the ledge.
  • Turn to the ledge and jump, the Guardian should mantle up onto the ledge.
  • Approach and interact with the True Sight Anchor to invoke True Sight.
  • Turn to the left and jump out to the Ascendant Platform that appeared there.
  • Use them to climb up to the high-up circular platform.
  • There, interact with the chest to claim the Outpost Lost chest.

Trivial - The Hidden Path[edit]

    • Ability: True Sight
    • Location: The Derelict Shipyard
  • From the Outpost Lost Chest, turn to the left and head out of the cavern with the Field of Strife.
  • Through your exit, you should see the Fallen building with the long staircase.
  • Exit this cavern and turn to the left.
  • Head on up the slope and go just a bit to the left.
  • Turn and look toward the cliff above you.
  • Look for the nearby ledge just over the path you were on.
  • Head on up the slope to get underneath the Fallen Forceshield in the floor (now the ceiling).
  • Once under the Force Field, head over to the left.
  • Just head-on through this room and take the next path down.
  • This leads to a ledge with a True Sight Anchor there.
  • Invoke the Anchor to get Ascendant Platforms to appear left of the anchor.
  • Go along the platforms to reach the large circular in.
  • In the middle of this platform is the Hidden Path Chest.

Trivial - The Perilous Path[edit]

  • From the Hidden Path Chest, go forward and drop down to the landmass below the Ascendant Platform you were just on.
  • Landing there, go along the ledge on the right-hand side.
  • Look to the right to see the next island.
  • Jump from here over to the island across the gap.
  • Turn to the right and climb-up the path there.
  • Continue along the path to the True Sight Anchor.
  • Invoke this anchor to get some Ascendant Platforms to appear.
  • Head along them to the large island with the Field of Strife there.
  • Inside the Field of Strife, go to the far side, closest to the second beacon.
  • Look for the True Sight Anchor on this side.
  • With True Sight invoked, there are Ascendant Platforms in front of you.
  • From the right-hand side of the True Sight Anchor jump to the Ascendant Platforms.
  • Quickly jump up to the top of the platforms to find the Perilous Path Chest.

Enigmatic - Ley Lines Secrets[edit]

  • From the Hidden Path Chest, you will want to head back to the True Sight Anchor.
  • From the True Sight Anchor, climb up to the top of the Ascendant Platforms the same way.
  • Immediately turn and look to the next set of Ascendant Platforms.
  • Run as best you can and jump for the platforms.
  • Carefully go for the farthest edge of the Ascendant Platform.
  • Immediately turn to the left and quickly climb up to the large circular platform at the top.
  • Go to the center of the platform, and open the Ley Lines Secrets Chest.

Trivial - Supply Stash[edit]

    • Ability: True Sight,
    • Location: The Shattered Enclave
  • From the large Field of Strife, head over to the True Sight Anchor opposite the True Sight Anchor nearby the first mystery here.
  • This will reveal a set of Ascendant Platforms leading away from the Field of Strife island.
  • Go on up the slope and head toward the building.
  • Reaching the building and its half-circle entrance, go over to the left of the door.
  • Head along with the building to the next entrance.
  • Look along the building to find a Barrier Anchor.
  • Invoke the anchor to get the Barrier Breach.
  • Head to the nearby small building and pierce through the barrier there.
  • Just inside there you will find the Supply Stash chest.