The Quest Step, Navigate the Crypt in Destiny 2: Duality.

Navigate the Crypt is an objective in Duality.




  • Welcome to the Descent within the Derelict Leviathan.
  • Start by going forward through the opening in the wall, where you can see the pipes leading away from where you landed.
  • Time to deal with the next local maze to progress forward.
  • Drop off the pipes from the start, landing then turning to the right
  • Follow this hallway to the next opening on the right, drop off the ledge, and continue down the next one to the floor below.
  • Keep in this hallway to the very first left-hand turn, where the nearby pipes of the left turn into the wall.
  • Jump up onto the pipes and head with them toward the light in front of you.
  • This will bring you into Ever Downward.
  • Get to the ledge to the right.
  • Look down and to the left to find the next platform, which has a Legionary on it.
  • Jump over to the platform, then run to the far side of the pillar.
  • Jump across the gap to the platform around the pillar on the far side.
  • Go around the pillar to the left and look at the pillar itself.
  • Just about eye level is a switch you need to activate.
  • This will extend platforms from the wall on your left.
  • Jump out to them and climb up them to reach the grated ledges above with Psions on them.
  • Climb up the ledges to the next narrow platform leading toward the pillar with a ledge on it.
  • Jump up to the ledge and vault your way across the gap to the next pillar with a small ledge on it.
  • use this to reach the catwalk beyond it.
  • Turn to the left and head for the device toward the end of it on the right.
  • Interact with the lever here to
  • Turn around and head back toward the pillars.
  • Jump back across the gap and look to the wall to the right of the narrow ledge you were on.
  • There are more ledges extended out from the wall (and a number of Cabal below shooting up at you).
  • Use these small ledges extended from the wall to climb up the wall.
  • Get to the highest extended ledge and look to the left to find an opening in the wall.
  • Jump through it and slide down the ramp here, carefully, jumping periodically to stay in control.
  • When you reach the bottom, turn to the left.
  • Go straight forward and through the next open doorway in front of you.
  • This will bring you into a hallway.
  • Follow it to the right, then keep going straight, and follow it to the right (just after where the Warbeasts appear and attack.
  • Reaching the next room, you can see some Gladiators emerging from the other side.
  • Head forward, but look up to the ledges above.
  • Jump and climb up onto the ledges above.
  • Run along the up-ramp toward the next door with the light on above it.
  • Go up the ramp and into the hallway beyond it to the left.
  • Go to the second pillar in this hallway and look out through the open gap in the wall to the left of it.
  • Hunters, you might want a sword to extend your jump just a little (and/or any Exotic that amps your jumps)
  • Run, and long jump to the first walkway going across this gap.
  • Landing on it, turn to the right, and head through the opening.
  • Run along here, and then go upwards when you can.
  • When you reach a proper hallway (with murals displayed) turn to the left and head toward the large open room there.
  • Drop down into the room to progress forward.
  • You have reached your next challenge here, a puzzle.