Cayde-6's Stashes on Nessus.

Cayde-6 is roaming the solar system and hiding caches of items and gear on different planets.

Exodus Black - I should've realized something was up ...[edit]

Nessus Cayde-6's Stashes

I should've realized something was up when the Vex were letting me move through portals so freely. And I usually have a good nose for traps. Maybe you'll have better luck?

Exodus Black - Chamber of Sky

  • Land on Nessus at Exodus Black.
  • Travel to the Northeast using your Sparrow or just run it on foot.
  • Turn to the right, into the tunnel and through to the cavern with the portal that leads into the Chamber of Sky portal.
  • Inside this chamber, turn to the right and go up the inclined wall.
  • Head inside the tunnel you find in the wall and follow it around 2 turns.
  • After the second turn, look left to find the stash.

Video Walkthrough

Exodus Black - Thought I'd escaped...[edit]

Thought I'd escaped, but you know how the Vex are. I got as far as this energy shield, thinking it was a way out. Dead end. So I dropped what I had there and tried to shoot through. Bam! Right back into the loop.

Exodus Black

  • Head to the North, traveling along the outside of the Exodus Black itself.
  • This will lead to a ledge that the remains of the ship rest on.
  • Climb up the ledge and follow the path around a few corners.
  • Look to the left to find the chest sitting just as you make the turn into the Prodromus Down.

Artifact's Edge - One point, I'd thought I'd broken free...[edit]

One point, I thought I'd broken free, so I made a break for a path through a tangle of roots. Caught sight of the cache and then bam, I was back in the loop again.

Artifact's Edge

  • Travel to the Artifact's Edge landing zone.
  • Go to the Northwestern tree in the corner of Artifact's Edge.
  • Jump toward the tree there and land safely on the ground below.
  • Go behind the tree here and make your way to the back.
  • Get around the next corner of the wall.
  • Get to the cache behind the roots.

Video Walkthrough

Hallows - The eyeball thing.[edit]

I don't know what they call it. The eyeball thing. Under that. You'll know it when you see it.


  • Travel to the Artifact's Edge Landing Zone.
  • Head to the East and into the Hallow.
  • Go past the deep pit immediately inside and into the shallow one past it.
  • This shallow pit is below a large stone eye with an Orange light to it.
  • Drop into the pit and look toward the wall below the "Eye."
  • You will see the chest sitting on the ground in front of you.

Video Walkthrough

Hallows - I had no choice.[edit]

I had no choice. Once I saw the floating rocks, there was no way I was going to way myself down with extra gear. I was Lightless after all, remember?

Hallow - Sunken Cavern

  • Make your way into the Hallows.
  • Once there, fight your way over to the Eastern wall.
  • Follow the passage on through to the Sunken Cavern.
  • Follow the path forward into the large chamber with the floating rocks.
  • Make your way carefully over to the cache which sits on the left-hand ledge.
  • Jump from floating rock to floating rock to make it to the ledge.
  • Once there, keep to the edge and head over to the cache to claim its contents.

Glade of Echoes - Of course, I didn't go charging into Nessus without a plan.[edit]

Of course, I didn't go charging into Nessus without a plan. I made sure I had caches everywhere. I started with the first dead Vex construct I found.

Glade of Echoes

  • The closest Landing Zone is the Cistern.
  • Head over to the East, toward the closest opening in the wall
  • Face to the East and run/drive over into the opening.
  • When things open up again, you will see a broken spherical Vex construct.
  • Go to this construct and into opening.
  • There is a second opening in the back of this.
  • Go in and you will find the chest.

Video Walkthrough

Glade of Echoes - So there I was, two choices...[edit]

So there I was, two choices: I could've tried climbing the red ivy, or just jump. What do you think I did.

Glade of Echoes

  • Make your way to the section between the Glade of Echoes and the Hallows.
  • Make your into the Glade of Echoes from any of the nearby landing zones.
  • Head to the Northern Portion of Glade of Echoes.
  • When you approach the large stone structure, head over to the right-hand passage.
  • Follow this straight ahead to find the chest.
  • Jump up onto the ledge in front of you to collect the cache.

Glade of Echoes - I felt bad using their wreckage to hide my stuff...[edit]

I felt bad using their wreckage to hide my stuff, but Failsafe said it was cool. And she says she's been keeping the Vex from converting the Exodus Black, so I figured it would be safe.


Glade of Echoes

  • Travel to the Exodus Black landing zone.
  • Head to the Southern exit that leads toward the Glade of Echoes.
  • Go around the first corner of the tunnel between the Exodus Black and Glade of Echoes.
  • Just after that corner, hug to the right-hand side, where you can see some wreckage in the form of long tubes.
  • Climb up onto the walkways on the engine turbines.
  • On top of the wreckage you will find the cache that Cayde left behind.

Video Walkthrough

The Tangle - So this cache...[edit]

So this cache... I don't know. It seemed like a good idea at the time. How do you feel about climbing trees.

Watcher's Grave

  • Touch down at the Watcher's Grave Landing Zone.
  • Turn to the North, along the road, toward the first tree you can see on the right.
  • On the far branch, the one closest to the white wall, you can see the Cayde's Cache you are looking for.
  • Go toward the base of the tree, closest to the wall.
  • Use either the nearby wall or head up the slope and onto the branch.
  • Climb onto the branch and you can easily reach the cache.

So this cache... Video Walkthrough

The Tangle - I was just doing what Failsafe said...[edit]

I was just doing what Failsafe said. I mean, she seems reliable, half the time. So I entered this cave and set up my little fallback point, took a few steps in, and bam, the battle began.

The Tangle - The Mists

  • Travel into the Tangle from either Artifact's Edge or Watcher's Grave.
  • Make your way into the canyon running through the Tangle.
  • Look along the white stone wall to find this opening underneath one of the large root tangles going across the canyon you are in.
  • Go inside the opening.
  • Once inside, keep to the right, following the path that direction.
  • This will lead the Guardian into The Mists.
  • In front of you will be the chest.

The Tangle - So down I went.[edit]

So down I went. I thought maybe the deeper it got, the better access I would have to their core mind or Nexus points. I do read Ikora's Vex reports. Sometimes. Anyway, found nothing but roots.

The Tangle

  • Travel into the Tangle from Artifact's Edge.
  • Head to the West and into the Tangle.
  • Turn to the right after that and head over onto the roadway.
  • Head on up the road and follow it over to the left at the top of the hill.
  • Follow the road down the hill on this side.
  • Go over the nearby ledge to the pond.
  • Go across the water and through the triangle doorway.
  • Head over to the right and drop down into the hole.
  • Once inside, turn around and look to the left where the roots are.
  • Behind the roots you will find the cache.

Video Walkthrough

The Cistern - I wonder if the Vex...[edit]

I wonder if the Vex even realize I hide stuff between the gaps in their block networks. Hmmm. Maybe that's how they know so much about me.

The Tangle - The Mists

  • Travel into the Cistern landing zone.
  • Once there, summon your sparrow and go just a little to the North, past the first block outcropping on the right.
  • Turn to the right after the outcropping and head into the wall's opening in front of you.
  • Go around the first corner and look for raised metallic area on your left.
  • Jump up onto this platform and look around to find the Cache hidden here.

Video Walkthrough

The Cistern - I guess I was afraid that Mind Juice...[edit]

I guess I was afraid that Mind Juice would somehow seize control of my weapons or something. That stuff isn't some kiund of luxurious milk bath, trust me.

The Cistern - The Mists

  • Travel into the Cistern landing zone.
  • Once there, summon your sparrow and go to the North.
  • Head into the tunnel pathway going between the the Cistern and the Tangle.
  • ALong this path, go to the second Vex Eye Sphere and stop there.
  • Go to the Radiolarian Fluid nearby it and look in there.
  • You will see the chest sitting in the fluid.
  • Standing on the chest will help prevent damage from the fluid.

Video Walkthrough

The Cistern - It was like I was being called closer[edit]

It was like I was being called closer, like something wanted my help. Then I get to this tower with a triangular doorway and go through. That's when it got really weird.

The Cistern

  • Travel into the Cistern landing zone.
  • Once there, summon your sparrow and go to the North, then West, toward the Well of Flame.
  • Climb up the Tower to the Triangular door.
  • Do not go in the door, but head over to the left of it.
  • The next ledge, just out of sight, has the cache.

Video Walkthrough

Watcher's Grave - Good News: I left myself a reminder note for this cache![edit]

Good News: I left myself a reminder note for this cache! Bad news: the note says 'Whatever you do, under any circumstances, do not look down.' That's enough to go on right?

Watcher's Grave

  • Travel into the Watcher's Grave landing zone.
  • Upon landing, summon your sparrow and head around the bend, traveling South, toward the Hallows.
  • Follow the road until you need to perform a sharp bend, going around a rock.
  • Get off your sparrow and look toward the pit in front of you.
  • To the right of that pit is a large stonework platform.
  • Jump onto that platform and head along its left-hand edge.
  • In front of you will be the chest.

Video Walkthrough

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