Nessus Imperial Treasure Maps in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence.

The solutions to the Imperial Treasure Maps on Nessus.


Well of Flame[edit]

Riches await you somewhere near the Well of Flame on Nessus.

Well of Flame Video Walkthrough

  • Land in the Cistern and then travel to the West to make your way toward the Well of Flame.
  • Make your way up the ramp and start toward the entrance of the Well of Flame and drop down the pit toward the gate entrance.
  • Once at the bottom of the pit, turn around and look behind you.
  • Go to the back left, opposite the Vex Teleporter, behind the rocks.
  • You will find the chest here.

Chamber of Water[edit]

Chamber of Water Video Walkthrough

  • Travel to Nessus and land in the Watcher's Grave,
  • Head to the North and go through the Vex Gate to the right of the barge.
  • Travel through the tunnel and get to the main section of Chamber of Water.
  • Go into the right-side half of this chamber and then go over to the left, toward the opening in the area, to the edge of the area.
  • Jump up onto the pillar on the right and look to the right.
  • You will find the chest just over to the right on a ledge.
  • Jump up to the ledge carefully and open the chest there.

Chamber of Sky[edit]

Video Walkthrough

  • Travel to the Exodus Black on Nessus.
  • Once there, summon your sparrow and travle to the Northeast, into the small cave entrance nearby, guarded by a number of Shanks.
  • Head into the tunnel and go into the first chamber.
  • Ignore the Vex in here and go through the Vex Gate in the back left.
  • On the other side of the Gate, travel forward into the massive chamber.
  • As you enter it, turn to the right and head for the blue lit section you can see in front of you.
  • Go around the first corner, taking the Goblin in front of you.
  • From there, jump up onto the ledge to the right and take out the Hobgoblin.
  • Now, look up ab it to the ledge just above you.
  • Jump and climb up onto it.
  • Head forward from there, to find the Imperial Chest.