The Objective, “Neutralize Val'Cour” in Destiny 2.

Neutralize Val'Cour is an Objective in the Raid Spire of Stars in Destiny 2.




You will only have 3 Damage phases to complete this fight!

  • When this begins, you are going to be swarmed by Cabal.
  • Focus your efforts on whatever is closest to you.
  • Still, look for the Centurions and focus the most on defeating them.
  • Fight through them, and for now, wait.
  • The boss will be building in his "corruption."
  • After a time, he will be consumed by it, releasing a massive blast.
  • This will inflict Engulfed on ALL party members.
  • An Orb will appear about the same time at one of the plates, so a member of the Fireteam will need to run and grab it.
  • Have the team regroup in the back of the arena in a line.
  • The members will need to throw the orb from one to the next down the line.
  • When it reaches the end, that person will need to run at Val'Cour and throw the orb at him.
  • Just after that, stay away from the plates because there are incoming.
  • Cabal Pods will land on the outer plates with Honored Gladiators emerging from them.

  • Now, you will be doing going into space and destroying ships, this time dealing with 2 Ships and symbols with 2 Orbs.
  • Once again, members of the fireteam will need to stand on the plates to create the orange pillar.
  • 3 random members of the fireteam will be granted Superior Retainer.
  • At least 1 will need to be launched into space to call out the symbols that they see there.
  • Once they are back in the arena, 2 orbs will spawn.
  • Now, 2 people with Superior Retainer will need to be launched into space after arming the weapons.
  • Collect the Orbs that have appeared and empower them from the triangles below the boss.
  • Arm the weapons by collecting the first orbs and having people move to step on the plates as marked by the countdown.
  • The 2 people with the orbs will need to throw theirs into the vents to arm the weapons.
  • 2 more orbs will appear, people around should run and grab them.
  • Those with the Orbs, if they do not have Superior Retainer, will need to throw the Orbs to someone who does before going to destroy the ships in space.
  • The rest of the party needs to run to the 4 outer plates to launch them into space when they call for it.
  • Those with the Orbs call out their approach so the team can spend minimal time on the plates, decreasing the risk of dying.
  • While in space, the Orb Bearers will need to aim and throw their orbs at the marked ships to destroy them.
    • If someone misses their throw, do not stress.
    • There is a lot of time to reset that section and get back into space to give it a second attempt.
  • Having destroyed the marked ships, you have entered the damage phase for the boss.
  • Know that a lot of adds will spawn at this time, so be ready for it.
  • Wait for the first orb to spawn.
  • When it does, someone on the fireteam needs to run over it and pick it up.
  • They immediately need to run to the smoke and empower it.
  • Retreat to the back after that.
  • A second orb will appear while this is happening, requiring someone else to collect it and empower it.
    • Orb Bearers, be sure to watch your Greed stacks and pass it to a nearby team member who does have not any.

**The braizer WILL go red and wipe the party in the lapsed time!

  • Pass the orb when you are at 8-9 stacks of Greed to avoid dying.
  • COMMUNICATION is crucial here to ensure you can avoid dying to Greed.
  • Sharing the First Orb between 3 people will ensure all will survive the empowerment of the remaining orbs.
  • Once an Orb is empowered, pass it between a few members of the fireteam while you repeat this process to get a total of 3 Empowered Orbs.
  • When you have the trio of Orbs, watch for the Robot Calus to appear behind Val'Cour.
  • Immediately move to the side room to the left and right of the boss of at the edges of the room.
  • When the Robot Calus raises their hand, purple glow will issue from.
  • Immediately aim and throw the Orbs at that glow as the rest of the team goes into the 2 back rooms.
  • The fire team at this point is split 3 and 3 to the left and right.
  • This will break the shields around Val'Cour.
  • As soon as the shield is down, start firing at him!
  • His Critical Spot is the Jetpack on his back.
  • It is not a long opportunity to do damage to the boss, so make the most of it.
  • The Void Anchor does not increase damage, however, the Titan's Melting Point does increase the dealt damage.
  • Now, repeat this process once his Shield goes back up.

Val'Cour's Last Stand[edit]

  • When reduced to 0 health, Val'Cour will throw out a lot of Empowered Orbs.
  • Whoever is nearby them needs to grab the orbs and throw them right back at him.
  • Every fire team member has to throw 1 orb.
  • No fire team member can throw 2 orbs in this section.
  • Once all 6 orbs hit, the encounter will be over!


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