The Quest Step, Prime Research in Destiny 2:Season of the Drifter.

Prime Research is part of Vanguard Allegiance in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.


"Keep spying on the Drifter for Aunor by playing his games. Drifter knows your true moviations, but he also needs Motes."

"Bank motes while playing Gambit or Gambit Prime."


    • This quest presently has a glitch that stops normal Gambit from counting.
  • It is time to play some Gambit Prime.
  • Your goal is to bank 50 motes across a number of games.
  • Focus on bringing in at least small batches of 5 motes to make steady progress toward 50.
  • A bit risky play is to bring in 10-15 motes per trip.
  • This is easier to pull off during Gambit Prime.

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